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switch on the front and rear lights simultaneously. To switch
off the bike lights, press and hold
The lighting symbol (h) is displayed when the light is on.
The on-board computer saves the light status and activates
this saved status accordingly after a restart.
Switching the bike light on and off has no effect on the back
lighting of the display.
Displays and configurations of the
on-board computer
Battery charge indicator
The battery charge indicator (g) displays the state of charge
of the eBike battery. The state of charge of the eBike battery
can also be checked on the LEDs of the battery itself.
Each bar of the battery symbol on the indicator (g) repres-
ents approximately 20 % of the capacity:
The eBike battery is fully charged.
The eBike battery should be recharged.
The LEDs of the battery charge indicator on the
battery go out. The capacity for assisting the drive
has been used up, and assistance is gently
switched off. The remaining capacity is made
available for the lighting. The indicator flashes.
The capacity of the eBike battery is enough for
about two hours of lighting.
Speed and distance indicators
The speedometer (a) always displays the current speed.
Indicator (i) always displays the last setting as standard. Re-
peated medium-length presses
the trip distance TRIP, the total distance TOTAL and the
range of the battery RANGE one after the other. (Briefly
the button – will decrease the assistance level.)
To reset the trip distance TRIP, select the trip distance TRIP
and simultaneously press and hold
The display will initially show RESET. If you continue to press
both buttons, the trip distance TRIP will be set to 0.
To reset the range of the battery RANGE, select the battery
range RANGE and simultaneously press and hold
tons + and –. The display will initially show RESET. If you
continue to press both buttons, the trip distance TRIP will be
set to 0.
You can switch the displayed values from kilometres to miles
by holding down
the button – and briefly pressing
on/off button (1).
One or more buttons of the on-board com-
puter are disabled.
Operating unit connection problem
Bosch eBike Systems
the button +.
of the button – will display
the buttons + and –.
the but-
Corrective measures
Check whether any buttons are stuck, e.g. as a result of dirt finding
its way in. Clean the buttons if need be.
Have the connections checked
The versions of the subsystems and their model part num-
bers can be displayed for the purposes of servicing,
provided the subsystems divulge this information (depend-
ent on the subsystem). With the system switched off, simul-
taneously press the buttons – and + and then press the on/
off button (1).
The USB port is reserved for connecting diagnostic systems.
The USB port does not have any other function.
The USB connection must always be completely
sealed with the protective cap (8).
Switch on on-board computer
Switch off on-board computer
Increase assistance
Decrease assistance
assistance modes
Switch on bike lights
Switch off bike lights
Reset trip distance
Activate push assistance
Implement push assistance
Switch from kilometres to miles
Display the versions
Adjust display brightness
A) The eBike system must be switched off.
B) The information is shown as scrolling text.
C) The display must be switched off.
Error code display
The eBike system's components are continuously and auto-
matically monitored. If an error is detected, the correspond-
ing error code is displayed on the on-board computer.
The drive may be automatically shut down, depending on the
type of error. However, if you wish to continue cycling, you
will always be able to do so without assistance from the
drive. Before undertaking any other journeys, the eBike
should be checked.
Have all repairs performed only by an authorised bike
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Buttons Duration
– +
2. Any
1. Keep
– +
1. Keep
– +
1. Keep
– or +
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