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Panasonic SD-PT1002 Operating Instructions Manual Page 91

Automatic bread maker, household use.
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When the following
conditions happen
It is hard to make
The baked bread did
not turn well.
No rising
The rice grains are
notably visible in the
rice bread.
If you find that the
crust is rather black.
The pineapple bread
cookie dough
The pineapple bread cookie
dough becomes soft.
The pineapple bread cookie
dough lean to one side.
The pineapple bread
cookie dough is too
The pineapple bread
cookie dough overflows
from the bread pan.
Please confirm the following
Melted butter cannot be well wrapped in dough.
Keep the dough in a refrigerator for complete cooling
before butter is wrapped in it.
Please prolong the cooling time when the room temperature
is high because the butter may easily melt down.
When the timer function is used, it may have a poor quality.
Is the Yudane over heated?
Are there any solid particles in the Yudane?
Did you use warm water (35 ˚C 40 ˚C)?
Was the instant dry yeast dissolved during the preparation stage?
Place rice and water in another container. Fully soften the rice before putting it
into the bread pan.
You can reduce granulated sugar in the dough by ½.
Have you fully mixed the cookie dough?
Have you kneaded the cookie dough till its surface becomes smooth?
Have you forced the cookie dough into the bread dough?
You only need to place the cookie dough on the bread dough. (Slightly press it so
that they stick together and make a good-looking shape.)
Have you cut the patterns too deep?
The reason is that the butter melts so that the dough has too much liquid in it.
If the butter melts, the dough will become soft and fragile even if the cookie dough
is refrigerated.
Have you repositioned the bread dough in the middle?
Has the cookie dough been over cooled and become hardened?
Take out the cookie dough from the refrigerator according to the instructions of
"10 minutes of process work are left" and roll the dough flat with a rolling pin till the
cookie dough becomes flexible and soft.
Did you slightly press the cookie dough on all edges when you put it in?
Excessive pressing may cause the baked cookie dough cracking.


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  • Leo Egalite Jan 27, 2018 05:43:
    Sadly missing multigrain and raye modes. Vzv
  • Leo Jan 23, 2018 10:15:
    I wonder if this Breadmaker ( SD-PT 1002 ) allows for a flexibilit​y to customize the menu. For instance, if a certain course cannot be found , like a whole grain , or a rye sourdough bread , can it be entered, programmed in to a menu ? Respectful​ly leoegalite​