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Abnormal Shape Of Bread - Panasonic SD-PT1002 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic bread maker, household use.
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Abnormal shape of bread

When the following
conditions happen
Insufficient rising
Height standards
Bread, Rapid bread, Brioche,
Whole wheat bread
14 cm
Lower than
Pain de mie, Yudane
pain de mie, Chiffon
pain de mie, Soft bread,
Rice flour bread, Marble
13 cm
Lower than
(Rice bread, Hokkaido bread)
12 cm
Lower than
(Natural yeast bread)
11 cm
Lower than
(French rice bread)
10 cm
Lower than
French bread, 60 minutes
bread, Red bean bread,
Pineapple bread, Half bread
9 cm
Lower than
Excessive rising
Height standards
20 cm
Please confirm the following
Shape and rising conditions vary according to temperature, humidity, ingredient
and timer conditions.
Too many raisins and other ingredients added?
Is the room temperature too high? (the shape will change if the room
temperature is too high)
Please store flour and other ingredients in the refrigerator.
Do you measure the weight with a scale?
Have you used flour with a protein content of over 12 15%?
Have you used high-gluten flour?
Have you used expired flour?
French bread, Brioche...
Is the ratio of high-gluten flour and low-gluten flour correct?
Not enough?
Yudane pain de mie, Rapid, French rice bread, French bread,
Whole wheat, Pineapple bread Brioche Red bean bread...
Have you used cold water of 5 ˚C?
When room temperature exceeds 25 ˚C ...
Have you used cold water of 5 ˚C?
Granulated sugar
Not enough?
Except natural yeast bread...
Have you used the instant dry yeast that do not require
advanced fermentation?
Instant dry
Is it placed in the yeast dispenser?
Not enough?
Is it kept in the refrigerator? (P. EN9)
Have you used expired instant dry yeast?
Natural yeast bread
Did you use "Hoshino" natural yeast (raw)?
Natural yeast
Is the natural yeast (fermented) weighed after being mixed?
Is it put in a bread pan?
Too little?
Too much?
Do you use the special purpose flour? (P. EN84)
Too much?
Too much?
If excessive rising happens upon stated amount, reduce the
quantity of instant dry yeast, natural yeast (fermented), or
granulated sugars by ¼ ½.
Instant dry yeast
Natural yeast
Excessive rising may happen sometimes at altitudes over 1,000
metres high.
Contact between inner part of the lid and the bread due to
excessive rising may damage the lid's coating. Accidentally
eating the coating will not harm your health.
It is hard to control the
bread-making process.
Shape of bread varies
every time ...


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  • Leo Egalite Jan 27, 2018 05:43:
    Sadly missing multigrain and raye modes. Vzv
  • Leo Jan 23, 2018 10:15:
    I wonder if this Breadmaker ( SD-PT 1002 ) allows for a flexibilit​y to customize the menu. For instance, if a certain course cannot be found , like a whole grain , or a rye sourdough bread , can it be entered, programmed in to a menu ? Respectful​ly leoegalite​