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In Case Of The Following Displays - Panasonic SD-PT1002 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic bread maker, household use.
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When the following
conditions happen
Abnormal sounds
on the blade
Plug into the
outlet, the
current time on
display is
Powders still
remain and
baking does not
Dough is leaking
out at the
bottom of the
bread pan
The bottom of
the bread pan
turns black
Smoke or odors may occur upon initial use. However, they will disappear some time after use. Operations are not affected.

In case of the following displays

Please confirm the following issues first.
If any anomaly is still identified, please contact Panasonic
customer service center immediately.
There is a clearance between the blade and the shaft.
(The front end moves by 3 cm or so)
The lithium battery is at the end of its working life.
Before replacement of battery, operations can be
continued with power plug inserted. However, it is
necessary to install the battery base in advance.
(Otherwise, foreign matter may enter)
Set the current time whenever you use the timer functions.
Have you forgotten to install the blade?
Is the blade shaft excessively fastened in the
bread pan so that it can't move?
A small amount of dough leaks out from the
discharge port of the bread pan during operations.
To avoid affecting
the rotations, the
dough that enters
the rotational part
will be discharged.
This is normal.
Please confirm if the
At the bottom of the
blade is rotating.
The bottom of the bread pan may turn black due to friction when kneading.
In that case, please wipe and clean with a damp kitchen towel.
Notifies you of power failure during operations.
If power fails for less than 10 minutes, the operations will resume when
power supply is resumed.
(Unsuccessful bread-making may occur sometimes)
It will still display when the power plug is plugged in after it is removed.
The oven temperature rises high due
to continuous use (above 40 ˚C).
The motor is overloaded.
Please contact with Panasonic service center for repair.
Replace the battery. (P. EN7)
Install the blade. (P. EN16)
Please replace the main shaft
bearing if the blade shaft does not
Please consult your Panasonic
customer service center.
Discharge port
(4 positions)
bread pan
Open the lid to reduce heat inside
of the main unit fully
Cool down for approx. 1 hour after
baking is finished
Weigh and measure the ingredients correctly.
Walnuts and other large-grained food ingredients
cannot be added until crushed down.


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  • Leo Egalite Jan 27, 2018 05:43:
    Sadly missing multigrain and raye modes. Vzv
  • Leo Jan 23, 2018 10:15:
    I wonder if this Breadmaker ( SD-PT 1002 ) allows for a flexibilit​y to customize the menu. For instance, if a certain course cannot be found , like a whole grain , or a rye sourdough bread , can it be entered, programmed in to a menu ? Respectful​ly leoegalite​