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Convenient Functions; Raisin - Panasonic SD-PT1002 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic bread maker, household use.
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Convenient functions

(Raisin) for making bread that contains your favorite ingredients
You can add additional ingredients as you like.
When adding additional ingredients, you can choose Automatic adding (when the LCD displays
Manual adding (when the LCD displays
Your favorite additional ingredients, like raisins and walnuts, can be placed in the raisin nut dispenser for automatic adding.
For cheese, chocolates and other ingredients (P. EN19) that cannot be automatically added, add them
manually when you hear the beep sound from the buzzer.
To retain the shape of additional ingredients, select
Please follow the ratio and amount of ingredients of various recipes. Otherwise, the ingredients may fly
out from the bread pan, then be burned by heating element to generate unpleasant smell or smoke.
Automatically added (completed by
the automatic bread maker)
Put your favorite
ingredients into the
raisin nut dispenser.
The total weight in the
dispenser should not
exceed 100 g
To select gentle stir
(Ingredients are added automatically)
"Kneading" temporarily stops.
A small quantity of ingredients will cling to the walls
of the raisin nut dispenser sometimes.
The sugar coated fruits may not be added because
the sugar may melt and stick onto the dispenser when
the weather is hot or when using timer function.
(Yes )).
Raisin nut dispenser
(Raisin: Select),
(make it flash)
(P. EN20)


(Gentle stir). (P. EN20)
Ingredients that can be automatically added
Dry ingredients and ingredients that hardly melt
Dried fruits
(Not over 100 g)
Raisin, plum,
orange peel, etc
(Not over 100 g)
Cashew, walnut
and others
No need to bake
in advance.
Green peas
(Not over 100 g)
(Not over 100 g)
Ham, bacon and
(Not over 100 g)
Do not add ingredients if the timer function is used.
(It goes rotten easily particularly in summer.)
Place the additional ingredients
evenly to the raisin nut dispenser.
If pile the ingredients , it may not be dispensed
The above quantity may not be possible depending
on the type and condition of ingredients.
(Yes)), or
Cut into small
cubes less than
5 mm.
Cut into small
cubes less than
5 mm.
Sop up water
Core and cut it
into ¼ and sop
up the water.
Cut it into cubes
of 10 mm wide.


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  • Leo Egalite Jan 27, 2018 05:43:
    Sadly missing multigrain and raye modes. Vzv
  • Leo Jan 23, 2018 10:15:
    I wonder if this Breadmaker ( SD-PT 1002 ) allows for a flexibilit​y to customize the menu. For instance, if a certain course cannot be found , like a whole grain , or a rye sourdough bread , can it be entered, programmed in to a menu ? Respectful​ly leoegalite​