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Panasonic SD-PT1002 Operating Instructions Manual Page 87

Automatic bread maker, household use.
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High-gluten flour is recommended for bread forming.
What should I use
Starch is recommended for mochi making.
for kneading flour?
(Corn starch and high-gluten flour are also applicable.)
It is still applicable, but the mochi made from it will be too soft, so it is not
Can I use the sticky
rice soaked in water
Reduce water quantity that the sticky rice has absorbed.
(12 pieces: 80
Can bread be baked
In the automatic bread maker, the dough rises to become
hill-shaped bread during baking.
in a square shape?
It is not easy to cut the bread when it is freshly baked. It is
How to cut bread
recommended that you wait for 30 minutes before slicing it.
If the bread is hard to take out after the bread pan has been cooled down for
approx. 2 minutes, place the bread pan into the main unit and keep it there
for 5 10 minutes before taking it out again.
Is it hard to take out
the bread smoothly?
If the dough is not sticky, there will be residual dough on the bread blade. If
Is there any residual
you want to avoid it, you can apply some oily ingredients from your recipe
dough on the bread
and sprinkle little flour on the bread blade before installing the bread blade in
the main unit.
Cut it into thin pieces, wrap them with a plastic wrap one by
one and keep them frozen.
The bread will taste better if you freeze it as soon as
possible when newly baked.
Can bread and
Place formed and fermented dough in a tray, cover it with
dough be kept
plastic wrap and keep it frozen. After freezing, place it into a
plastic bag for storage.
Defrost at 30 35 ˚C and coat with egg liquids before baking.
Wrap the rolled dough with plastic wrap and freeze it.
Place the ingredients when the dough is still frozen and then bake it.
The natural yeast bread has the following features:
Is the bread made
by natural yeast
different from that
made by instant dry
The bread gives fermentation smell which similarto yogurt.
(mL); 18 pieces: 140
Lay the bread horizontally, move the bread knife forward and
The bread will shrink and cave in if it is kept there for too long.
Do not use a knife, a fork, chopsticks or other similar utensils to take out
the bread.
(Otherwise, the fluorine coating may be damaged.)
Baked Bread
The bread can be kept for 1 month if it is frozen.
Rolls Dough
If time is limited, coat with egg liquid on frozen dough and prolong the baking time by
approx. 5 minutes.
Pizza Dough
The bread is a bit shorter and the crust is a bit darker.
The crust has a fried rice cake or sweet soy sauce flavor and slightly sour and sweet
The dough texture is a little coarse.
The bread is chewy.


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