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Panasonic SD-PT1002 Operating Instructions Manual Page 90

Automatic bread maker, household use.
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Abnormal shape of bread
When the following
conditions happen
No rising at all
Whole bread is whitish
which looks like dough.
The bread always
has a different
shape and rising
Sticky bottom
and distinct
collapse on
the sides
Cave-in on the top
(Burnt crusts)
Flat and
square top
Bottom caves
in so that the
bread cannot
stand upright.
There is remaining
flour around.
Expected crust
colour is not
Bread crust is too hard
Chocolate melt even
(gentle stir)
had been chosen.
Ingredients focus
on one side
Dough becomes
sticky after forming
and fermentation
Please confirm the following
Have you forgotten to add the instant dry yeast or natural
Instant dry yeast
yeast (fermented)?
Natural yeast
Have you used any improperly stored yeast or expired yeast?
Did you misuse any baking power?
Have you forgotten to install the bread blade?
Has any power failure occurred during operation?
Home made bread always has a different shape and swelling condition due to the
following conditions.
The room temperature is high in summer.
The room temperature has changed during operation.
(the air-conditioner is shut down during operation etc.)
Flour with low protein content is used for baking.
Types and quality
of ingredients
Improperly kept or expired instant dry yeast is used.
Have you quickly taken out bread from the bread pan and put it on wire rack to
cool down?
Reduce water quantity by 10 g (mL) for better result if the room temperature is high.
Not enough flour?
Too much water?
Whole wheat bread...
A high ratio of whole wheat flour or different types of flour will easily lead to such
Bread blade shape is visible.
Have you touched the bottom of bread pan when you took out
the bread? (Bread is damaged sometimes due to bread blade
Too much flour?
Not enough water?
Change crust colour (P. EN21) or adjust the amount of granulated sugar.
Crust colour becomes lighter if amount of granulated sugar is reduced and
darkened if the amount is increased.
If the bread has risen too much or the top of bread is uneven, reduce the quantity of
instant dry yeast and water.
If the bread ferments so much, the top of bread may peel off by sticking on the lid.
The bread crust will become soft if put it in a plastic bag after cooled down.
The fermentation temperature of bread dough is higher than the melting temperature of
chocolate, so it may melt. Freeze the chocolate before adding it in.
If the chocolate pieces are too large, it will hinder the rotation of the bread blade.
Please use chocolate chips or chopped chocolate smaller than 5 mm.
Such phenomenon may occur due to difference of ingredients and dough hardness.
Excessive long fermentation will make the dough loose and sticky. The fermentation
time depends on the type of bread. Normally, the fermentation is finished if the
rising dough return slowly after gently pushing with your finger.
Do not rotate


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  • Leo Egalite Jan 27, 2018 05:43:
    Sadly missing multigrain and raye modes. Vzv
  • Leo Jan 23, 2018 10:15:
    I wonder if this Breadmaker ( SD-PT 1002 ) allows for a flexibilit​y to customize the menu. For instance, if a certain course cannot be found , like a whole grain , or a rye sourdough bread , can it be entered, programmed in to a menu ? Respectful​ly leoegalite​