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Panasonic SD-PT1002 Operating Instructions Manual Page 13

Automatic bread maker, household use.
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Granulated sugar, brown
sugar and honey
Sugar is the nutrition for bread yeast which
can speed up the fermentation. It can also
improve taste, smell and the crust of bread.
Big sugar particles should be pulverized.
Do not use rock sugar and other crystal sugar.
Increase the amount of sugar to darken
the crust; decrease the amount to lighten
the crust.
Do not use low-calorie sugar substitute.
Gluten is produced by kneading after
mixing water and flour.
Cold water is used for the following
recipes (approx. 5 ˚C: almost the
temperature of icy water)
· Rapid bread · French bread
· Brioche
· Pineapple bread · Yudane pain de mie
· French rice bread
· Red bean bread
· Other menus with temperature is above 25 ˚C
For making bread
Please use the water from water dispenser.
Alkaline or distilled water is not applicable for making
Natural yeast
Natural yeast made by natural food is used to make natural yeast
bread which has a unique texture. Natural yeast (fermented) can
be made through "Cultivating natural yeast fermentation" (P. EN55)
Natural yeast of "Hoshino" brand is recommended by
their stable fermentation.
Tips on Hoshino Natural Yeast:
Precautions on the use of Hoshio Natural yeast:
Sterilize any container or tools to be in contact with
natural yeast and leave it to dry before use.
Irritating smell or abnormal colour serves as a sign of
food contamination. Discard ingredients once observed.
Natural yeast (fermented) which is unfavorably stored
may cause deteriorated bread quality.
One-time dosage natural yeast
(fermented) can be prepared through
the instructions below.
Operating instructions (P. EN55)
* About gluten
· Whole wheat bread
Pay attention to the following to avoid damaging the
fluorine coating of the bread pan and blade.
* Bread pan and bread blade are consumptive parts.
Rice flour
(Contain gluten or not)
Rice flour does not contain the proteins
necessary for dough rising. Therefore, it is
impossible to make breads if only rice flour
is added.
It is important to use different flour
according to the various menu.
* As rice flour bread contains wheat
(gluten), it is not recommended for
people who are allergic to wheat.
* Be sure to pay attention to the
ingredients, cleaning methods, and
maintenance. Use after consulting
your doctor.
The substances resulted from combinations of protein in
flour and water. Bread-making yeast generates carbon
dioxide to inspire the extention of the dough, hence finally
generates the textures of the bread.
Adding hard ingredients may cause the fluorine coating
peeling off.
Before adding dried fruits and nuts, cut them into
small pieces less than 5 mm.
For large crystalline particles such as raw sugars and
sea salts, melt them in room temperature water before
use. Deduct the solution amount from the original
water amount for making bread.
Insufficient water may lead to dough hardening, thus
damaging the coating during dough kneading.
Be sure to put ingredients into the bread pan in the
following order: flour
other ingredients
Do not use hard items such as knives, forks and
chopsticks to take out the bread.
Always check whether the bread blade is attached in
the bread (at the bottom) before cutting the bread to
avoid damaging the bread blade.
Do not clean the bread pan or blade with metal brush,
scourer, nylon face of a sponge or sponges wrapped
in nylon net. Please wipe with a soft sponge.
Peeling off of coating is normal after prolonged usage.
Eating the peeled-off fluorine coating does not affect


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