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Korg TouchView Trinity Effect Manual Page 111

Korg music workstation drs effect guide.
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a: Mode
a: Src (fixed)
b: Tempo [beat/min]
b: Length
c: Delay 1362ms
d: Feedback Count
d: Src (fixed)
e: Count [times]
This parameter selects the delay operating mode. When Manual is selected, the
value set in e: Tempo will be used. When D-mod is selected, the delay will syn-
chronize to the internal MIDI clock. This is useful for performances using a
When D-mod is selected, the source is fixed to Tempo and cannot be changed.
This parameter sets the tempo when Manual is selected for Mode.
This parameter sets the delay time. The delay time is obtained by multiplying
the length of a whole note by the value of Length.
For example, when Length is set to 1/4, the length of the delay will be one quar-
ter note.
The maximum delay time is 1,362msec. If you attempt to set a higher value, the
display will show "OVER!!" Try to set the value of Tempo and Length so that
this error message will not appear.
The Feedback Count parameter determines whether or not the number of feed-
back times will be counted or not.
With Feedback Count = On, the delay will feed back the signal for the times
specified in the Count parameter, and disappear.
The source that triggers the start of feedback counting is fixed to Gate1. You can-
not select another source.
41: Tempo Delay


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