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Selecting Control Mode - Toshiba Tosvert VF-AS1 Instruction Manual

The new high-performance inverter.
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Selecting control mode

: V/f control mode selection
• Function
With "VF-AS1," the V/f controls shown below can be selected.
0: Constant torque characteristics
1: Voltage decrease curve
2: Automatic torque boost (*1)
3: Sensorless vector control 1 (*1)
4: Sensorless vector control 2
5: V/f 5-point setting
6: PM control (*2)
7: PG feedback control (*3)
8: PG feedback vector control (*3)
(*1) "Automatic control" parameter automatically sets this parameter and auto-tuning 1 at a time.
2) Use a dedicated motor with permanent magnets.
3) A PG feedback device (optional) is needed for this control.
[Parameter setting]
V/f control mode selection
• When operating the inverter with  set to , , ,  or , be sure to set the motor constant
parameter correctly. Failure to do this may cause the inverter not to control the motor properly,
and thus cause the motor not to deliver the desired performance. For more information, see the
explanation of each  setting in the following sections.
1) Constant torque characteristics (Normal way of use)
Setting of V/f control mode selection = (Constant torque characteristics)
This is applied to loads with equipment like conveyors and cranes that require the same torque at low speeds as at
rated speeds.
Base frequency voltage 1
* To increase the torque further, increase the setting value of the manual torque boost parameter .
 For more details, refer to Section 5.7.
: Constant torque characteristics
: Voltage decrease curve
: Automatic torque boost
: Sensorless vector control 1
: Sensorless vector control 2
: V/f 5-point setting
: PM control
: PG feedback control
: PG feedback vector control
Base frequency
Adjustment range
Output frequency [Hz]
Default setting


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