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Regenerative Power Ride-through Control/deceleration Stop During Power Failure/synchronized Acceleration/deceleration - Toshiba Tosvert VF-AS1 Instruction Manual

The new high-performance inverter.
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2) Restarting motor during coasting (Motor speed search function)
S3 (ST operation standby
signal) -CC
=: This function operates after the S3-CC terminal connection has been opened first and then connected
Auto-restart control
* To restart the inverter in operation panel operation mode, press RUN key after a power failure.
* When  (Number of PG input phases) = (single phase) in PG feedback vector control mode (=, ),
the inverter may trip (: speed error) if the direction of rotation of the motor does not agree with.
*The function (=) is activated when ST signal turning on or restart after a momentary power failure.
*The function (=) is activated when starting each time.
Operation and application of the auto-restart function
• By using retry function  together, auto restart function can be actuated at the time of tripping.
Application to a crane or hoist
The crane or hoist may have its load moved downward during the above waiting time from input of the operation starting
command to the restart of the motor. To apply the inverter to such machines, therefore, set the auto-restart control mode
selection parameter  to "" (Disabled). And avoid using the retry function.
• At restart, it takes several seconds. for the inverter to check to see the number of revolutions of the motor. For this reason,
the start-up takes more time than usual.
• When the auto restart function is selected, this function is actuated also at time of activation of motor and at the first
operation after the reset of tripping. The operation will restart after the waiting time passes.
• Use this function when operating a system with one motor connected to one inverter. This function may not operate
properly in a system configuration with multiple motors connected to one inverter.

5.18.2 Regenerative power ride-through control/Deceleration stop during power failure/Synchronized acceleration/deceleration

: Regenerative power ride-through control
 : Non-stop control time/Deceleration time during power failure
 : Synchronized deceleration time
 : Synchronized acceleration time
 : Under voltage detection level
 : Regenerative power ride-through control level
• Function
1) Regenerative power ride-through control: When momentary power failure occurs during operation, this
2) Deceleration stop during power failure:
3) Synchronized acceleration/deceleration: When the inverter is used with textile machines, this function
Motor speed
Adjustment range
:At auto-restart after momentary stop
:When turning ST on or off
:  + 
:At start-up
function makes operation continue using the regeneration
energy from a motor.
When momentary power failure occurs during operation, this
function stops the motor quickly compulsorily. A forcible stop is
carried out in  (Deceleration time) using the
regeneration energy from the motor.
(Deceleration time varies with control.)
After the forced stop, the inverter remains static until you put off
the operation command momentarily.
stops more than one textile machine simultaneously in the
event of a momentary power failure and it prevents the
breakage of yarns around bobbins at the recovery from the
power failure.
Default setting
Setting value
 or 


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