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Connection Equipment; Cautions On Wiring - Toshiba Tosvert VF-AS1 Instruction Manual

The new high-performance inverter.
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2. Connection equipment

• Never disassemble, modify or repair.
This can result in electric shock, fire and injury. For repairs, call your sales agency.
• Don't stick your fingers into openings such as cable wiring hole and cooling fan covers.
This can result in electric shock or other injury.
• Don't place or insert any kind of object into the inverter (electrical wire cuttings, rods, wires). This
can result in electric shock or fire.
• Do not allow water or any other fluid to come in contact with the inverter.
That may result in electric shock or fire.
• Do not transport the inverter with its front door detached.
The covers may come off and the unit will drop out resulting in injury.
• Models (20kg or more in weight) designed for 200V-18.5kW or larger and 400V-22kW or larger
should be carried by at least two persons.
Carrying it alone could cause injury.

Cautions on wiring

• Never remove the front cover when power is on or open door if enclosed in a cabinet.
The unit contains many high voltage parts and contact with them will result in electric shock.
• Turn power on only after attaching the front cover or closing door if enclosed in a cabinet.
If power is turned on without the front cover attached or closing door if enclosed in a cabinet. This
can result in electric shock or other injury.
• Electrical construction work must be done by a qualified expert.
Connection of input power by someone who does not have that expert knowledge may result in fire
or electric shock.
• Connect output terminals (motor side) correctly.
If the phase sequence is incorrect, the motor will operate in reverse and that may result in injury.
• Wiring must be done after installation.
If wiring is done prior to installation that may result in injury or electric shock.
• The following steps must be performed before wiring.
(1) Shut off all input power.
(2) Wait at least 15 minutes and check to make sure that the charge lamp is no longer lit.
(3) Use a tester that can measure DC voltage (800 VDC or more), and check to make sure that the
voltage to the DC main circuits (between PA/+ and PC/-) is 45 V or less.
If these steps are not properly performed, the wiring will cause electric shock.
• Tighten the screws on the terminal board to specified torque.
If the screws are not tightened to the specified torque, it may lead to fire.
• Ground must be connected securely.
If the ground is not securely connected, it could lead to electric shock or fire when a malfunction or
current leak occurs.
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