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Toshiba Tosvert VF-AS1 Instruction Manual Page 99

The new high-performance inverter.
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[Terminal AM-related parameters]
AM terminal meter selection
AM terminal meter adjustment
AM output gradient
AM bias adjustment
*1: Default setting value is adjusted for connection of frequency meters "QS60T".
(Between AM and CCA: Approx. 3.6V)
 Resolution
Both the terminals FM and AM have a maximum resolution of 1/1024.
With the default settings, FM terminal outputs about 4.7V (external impedance is
impedance is 0Ω), when running frequency is 80Hz. AM terminal outputs about 4.7V or about 1mA, when the
output current reading on the operation panel is 185%.
[Example of the calibration of the frequency meter connected to the terminal FM]
* Use the meter's adjustment screw to pre-adjust zero-point.
Key operated
For meter connection, the VF-AS1 inverter has two output terminals; FM and AM, which can be used
 Meter adjustment 1 when the inverter is at rest (adjustment by setting  (  ) to  : Fixed output 1,
 : Fixed output 2,  : Fixed output 3)
If it is difficult to calibrate a meter because of large fluctuations of its reading, you may put the inverter out of
operation to make its calibration easier.
It is possible to adjust the meter for the data item selected with the parameter  or  . Adjustment
levels (a) through (d) shown in the table on the previous page change according to the settings of fixed outputs
1 through 3, as shown in the table below. Use this table as a reference when calibrating the meter(s).
Values adjusted with fixed outputs are put out from the FM (AM) terminal when values in the table are used for
operation. For examples of adjustments, see the next page.
Fixed output 1 comes in handy for adjusting items at adjustment level (a) or (c).
Fixed output 2 comes in handy for adjusting items at adjustment level (b).
Fixed output 3 comes in handy for adjusting items at adjustment level (d).
Same as  (  :AM output disabled)
 :Negative gradient (downward-sloping),
 :Positive gradient (upward-sloping)
–  ~  %
LED display
Displays the operation frequency.
(When standard monitor display selection  =  [Output frequency])
The first basic parameter "History function (  )" is displayed.
Press either the
Press the ENTER key to display the operation frequency.
Press either the
The meter reading will change at this time but be careful because there
will be no change in the inverter's digital LED (monitor) indication.
By setup, before the needle of meter beings to sway, it will take time.
The adjustment is complete.  and the frequency are displayed
The display returns to its original indications.
(When standard monitor display selection  =  [Output frequency])
Adjustment range
) or about 1mA (external
key to select "  ."
key or the
key to adjust the meter.
It's easier to make the
adjustment if you push and
hold for several seconds.
Default setting


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