Toshiba TOSVERT VF-AS1 Instruction Manual

Manual for cc-link option - ccl001z
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1. Make sure that this instruction manual is delivered to the end user of the
CC-Link option for the VF-AS1.
2. Read this manual before installing or operating the CC-Link option for the
VF-AS1. And keep it in a safe place for reference.
*The data given in this manual are subject to change without notice.
Option Instruction Manual



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  Summary of Contents for Toshiba TOSVERT VF-AS1

  • Page 1 E6581286② TOSVERT VF-AS1 Option Instruction Manual CCL001Z NOTICE 1. Make sure that this instruction manual is delivered to the end user of the CC-Link option for the VF-AS1. 2. Read this manual before installing or operating the CC-Link option for the VF-AS1.
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    E6581286② Safety precautions On the inverter and in its instruction manual, important information is contained for preventing injuries to users and damages to assets and for proper use of the device. Read the instruction manual attached to the inverter along with this instruction manual for completely understand the safety precautions, the symbols and indications shown below.
  • Page 3 E6581286② ■ Handling in general Danger Never disassemble, modify or repair the product. ▼ Disassembling the product may cause electric shocks, fire or injuries. Disassembly prohibited For repairs, call your sales/repair agency. ▼ Do not attach this option to any inverter other than the VF-AS1. It may lead to electric shocks or fire.
  • Page 4 E6581286② ■ Wiring Danger ▼ Turn off input power before installing and wiring this option. Wait at least 15 minutes and check to make sure that the charge lamp (VF-AS1) is no longer lit. Mandatory ▼ Tighten the screws on the terminal block to the specified torque (Refer to Section 3.2). If the screws are not tightened to the specified torque, it may lead to fire.
  • Page 5 E6581286② Preface Thank you for purchasing a “CC-Link Option (CCL001Z)” for TOSVERT VF-AS1 inverter. This option can connect with open field network CC-Link and data communications with the CC-Link master through installing this option in the VF-AS1 and using it. Besides this instruction manual, the "CC-Link option Function Manual"...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    E6581286② - Table of contents - 1. Overview·················································································································································· 6 2. Name of functions of main parts·············································································································· 6 2.1. Exterior features ····························································································································· 6 2.2. Set the station No. and baud rate ·································································································· 7 2.3. About indicator of LED ··················································································································· 7 2.4. CC-Link connector·························································································································· 8 3.
  • Page 7: Overview

    E6581286② 1. Overview This option allows the VF-AS1 inverter to be connected into a CC-Link network. CC-Link supports a maximum of 42 nodes, allowing for the Master unit and this option is based on CC-Link Ver.1.10. The CCL001Z is able to operate RUN/STOP, monitor the status of the inverter, set the inverter's parameter and etc.
  • Page 8: Set The Station No. And Baud Rate

    E6581286② 2.2. Set the station No. and baud rate For the setting station number or communication speed to take effect, power needs to be turned off and then turned back on. BAUD RATE Set the Station No. • The station number can be set between 1 and 64. The switch x10 is set up the ten's place and x1 is set up the ones.
  • Page 9: Cc-Link Connector

    E6581286② Behavior of LED State of LED Cause L.RUN L.ERR Normal communication is made but CRC error has occurred ● ◎ ◎ ◎ due to noise. Normal communication ● ◎ ◎ ○ Hardware fault ● ◎ ○ ◎ Hardware fault ●...
  • Page 10: Installing The Ccl001Z

    E6581286② 3. Installing the CCL001Z Install the CC-Link option to VF-AS1 as follows. * When this option is used together with the IO card option, attach this option to the front panel side. (1) Turn off input power of VF-AS1 and wait for at least 15 minutes and then check that the CHARGE lamp on VF-AS1 is no longer lit.
  • Page 11: Case Of Installing Two Options

    E6581286② 3.1. Case of installing two options Please install this option (CCL001Z) on the top of options when you install two options. Do not install under the another option. 3.2. Connection of CC-Link cable If use other than the CC-Link dedicated cable, the performance of the CC-Link system is not guaranteed.
  • Page 12 E6581286② • Connection of Several Inverters Factory Automation can be applied with several inverters which share CC-Link system as a remote device station, and are controlled and monitored by PLC user programs. Communication terminal DA, DB Set up the network using shielded twisted pair cable. * Communication terminal DG * Shield connection terminal SLD Please connect the shield line of the dedicated CC-Link cable with the SLD terminal.
  • Page 13: Functions

    E6581286② 4. Functions This option is a communication interface unit that allows the PLC program to operate, monitor and set the parameter of the inverter as a remote station of CC-Link. It is able to communicate with a maximum speed of 10Mbps not only transmitting bit data but also by word data. 4.1.
  • Page 14: Basic Functions

    E6581286② 4.2. Basic functions This clause shows the basic function of this CC-Link option using by CC-Link communication. 4.2.1. Run and frequency operation command The PLC program can operate the inverter to run, stop, set the operation frequency and change the parameters. If the PLC controls these operations, select the command mode and the frequency setting mode.
  • Page 15: Unusual Diagnosis

    E6581286② 5. Unusual diagnosis The VF-AS1 is able to install two kind options. The option error message is depended on the position of the option under or panel side. 5.1. Option error The error message is displayed when there is hardware error, software error or lose of connection of wire.
  • Page 16: List Of Cc-Link Data

    E6581286② 6. List of CC-Link data This option occupies one station area of the buffer memory of the PLC. 6.1. RX(Monitor), RY(Instruction) List of remote I/O Inverter (Slave) PLC (Master) PLC (Master) Inverter (Slave) -> -> Device No. Signal Device No. Signal RXn0 Forward running...
  • Page 17: Rwr, Rww Resistor

    E6581286② 6.2. RWr, RWw resistor RWr . RWw (Default value = 0) Inverter → PLC (RWr) PLC → Inverter (RWw) Address Contents Address Contents RWr n First monitor value RWw n Monitor code (first and second) RWr n+1 Second monitor value (output frequency) RWw n+1 Set frequency/ torque RWr n+2 Reply code RWw n+2 Instruction code...
  • Page 18: Instruction Codes

    E6581286② 6.4. Instruction Codes Code No. Contents Description 0 : Terminal input enabled Command mode selection read 1003H 1 : Operation panel input enabled (including LED/LCD option input) 2 : 2-wire RS485 communication input Command mode selection write 2003H 3 : 4-wire RS485 communication input 4 : Communication option input VI/II (voltage/current input) RR/S4 (potentiometer/voltage input)
  • Page 19: Reply Code

    E6581286② 6.5. Reply Code Reply code Data Item Detailed contents 0000H Normal (No error) Normal completion of instruction code execution Execution error. 0001H Write error (Write protected during operation) 0002H Parameter selection error Unregistered code number was set. 0003H Setting range error Set data is outside the setting data range.
  • Page 20: Specifications

    1. If the product breaks down within one year after delivery, although it is installed and handled properly, and if the breakdown is undoubtedly attributable to a defect in designing or manufacturing by Toshiba, the product shall be repaired free of charge. 2. This warranty applies only to the option unit.