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Toshiba Tosvert VF-AS1 Instruction Manual Page 323

The new high-performance inverter.
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Some items indicated on the motor
nameplate are not entered correctly.
•Base frequency1 
Motor constant
•Base frequency voltage 1 
setting error
•Motor rated capacity 
•Motor rated current 
•Motor rated speed 
•Is circuit board (or main
Inverter type
circuit/drive circuit board)
Analog input
•Overrated voltage is applied to
analog input.
•The signal from system is not
inputted into input terminals.
•The input terminal function (,
 Sequence error
) is not set up.
•A value other than 0.0 is specified
for , although the brake
answer function is not used.
•Disconnection of encoder circuit.
•The encoder is not connected
 Encoder error
•Speed error (Inverter error,
Encoder error)
Speed error
•Over speed by overvoltage limit
(Over speed)
•Using braking function in not
connect a motor
•Braking down of a wire for VI/II
input signal.
Terminal input
•Terminal circuit board comes off
and falls
•P24 overcurrent
•An error arises during CPU2
• Output voltage / Output frequency
ratio is too high compared to motor
• It was run in vector control mode
(=,,, or ) without
setting parameters (Auto-tuning)
concerning the motor.
 V/f control error
• Motor was in over-excitation state
during deceleration.
• Motor constant 1 (Torque boost)
f410 is too large.
• Motor was started under the brake
•A software error occurs in the
 CPU1 fault
control CPU.
Abnormal logic
•An abnormal voltage is applied to
input voltage
the control logic input terminal.
•Option card 1 is defective.
 Option 1 error
(Installed option at lower side)
•Option card 2 is defective.
 Option 2 error
(Installed option at upper side)
•A deviation error occurs during
stop position retaining control.
Stop position
•The stop position adjustment
range specified with  is too
retaining error
•Creeping speed is too fast.
(Continued overleaf)
Possible causes
•Make sure that all items on the motor nameplate
are entered correctly.
•When board has been replaced, input  for
•Apply voltage within the rated voltage.
•Please check if the sequence is normal or not.
•Please set  or  as the input terminal to
•Please set up 0.0, when you do not use
system-supporting sequence.
•Check connection of encoder.
Connect encoder correctly.
•Check whether the setting of  matches the
phase-A and phase-B connections of the encoder.
•Check the setting of  ~ 
•Check connection of encoder.
•In the case of overvoltage limit operation, install a
dynamic braking resistor.
•Operation in connect a motor.
•Check VI/II input signal.
•Install the control terminal board to the inverter.
•Check P24 terminal short circuit to CC or CCA.
•Contact your Toshiba distributor.
• Set Base frequency voltage 1 vlv and Base
frequency vl in accordance with motor rating.
• When operating a motor in V/f control mode
selection =,,, or , follow section 6.22,
and then set the parameters (Auto-tuning)
concerning the motor.
• If the inverter is tripped during deceleration
because of V/f control error (e-20) when
f305 (Over voltage limit operation) is set to 2 or
3, decrease the value for f319 (Regenerative
over-excitation upper limit)..
• If the inverter is tripped during low frequency,
decrease the value for f410.
• If the inverter is tripped during braking, make the
brake release timing early.
•Contact your Toshiba distributor.
•Check the signal given to the logic connected with
the input terminal.
•Contact your Toshiba distributor.
•Contact your Toshiba distributor.
•Check connection of encoder.
•Adjust the proportional P gain .
•Increase .
•Lower the creeping speed.


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