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( PB7-4200K / 4400K )
( PB7-6300K / 6400K )
1. Make sure that this instruction manual is delivered to the end user of PB unit.
2. Read this manual before installing or operating PB unit, and store it in a safe place for
3. All information contained in this manual will be changed without notice.
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  Summary of Contents for Toshiba TOSVERT VF-AS1

  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    E6581436⑤ TOSVERT VF-AS1/PS1/AS3 PB unit Option ( PB7-4200K / 4400K ) ( PB7-6300K / 6400K ) Instruction Manual NOTICE 1. Make sure that this instruction manual is delivered to the end user of PB unit. 2. Read this manual before installing or operating PB unit, and store it in a safe place for reference.
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    E6581436 Ⅰ. Safety precautions The items described in these instructions and on the inverter itself are very important. Read these precautions and warnings to prevent injury to yourself and other people around you as well as prevent damage to property in the area. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with all safety precautions and etc.
  • Page 4 E6581436 ■ Wiring Warning ▼ The following steps must be performed before wiring. (1) Turn off all input power to the inverter. Mandatory (2) Wait at least 15 minutes and check to make sure that the charge lamp of the VF-AS1/PS1/AS3 is no longer lit. (3) Use a tester that can measure DC voltage 800VDC or more, and check to make sure that the voltage to the DC main circuits (between...
  • Page 5 E6581436 Ⅱ. Introduction Thank you for your purchase of the PB unit option (called the PB unit after this) for the inverter “TOSVERT VF-AS1/PS1/AS3”. This PB unit is the separate dynamic braking unit to use with the inverter “TOSVERT VF-AS1/PS1/AS3”.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    E6581436 - Contents - Ⅰ.Safety precautions Ⅱ.Introduction 1. Read first 2. Names, specifications and dimensions 3. Standard connections 4. Installation 5. Set parameters 6. Replacement of expendable parts 7. Warranty 4...
  • Page 7: Read First

    E6581436 1. Read first ■ Check product purchase Before using the product you have purchased, check to make sure that it is exactly what you ordered. [Check the accessories] This PB unit option is composed of PB unit and following accessories. Unpack a parcel and check to make sure the contents.
  • Page 8: Names, Specifications And Dimensions

    E6581436 2. Names, specifications and dimensions ■ Specifications PB unit type PB7-4200K PB7-4400K PB7-6300K PB7-6400K threshold voltage 758V (at F626=134) 1090V (at F626=134) (note2) Maximum DC bus 825V 1170V voltage Maximum braking power 420kW-12s 750kW-12s 450kW-7s 900kW-7s at threshold voltage Maximum continuous 200kW 400kW...
  • Page 9: Outline Drawing

    E6581436 ■ Outline drawing VFAS1-4200KPC ~4280KPC PB7-4400K, -6300K, 6400K (VFPS1-4250KPC~4315KPC) + DCL1-4200K,4280K note) (1),(2) of below figure are + PB7-4200K the dimensions of (1) with the screws and (2) without the screws VFAS3-4200KPC~4280KPC (DCL1 is included in the package) + PB7-4200K VFAS1-4200KPC ~4280KPC/ (VFPS1-4250KPC~4315KPC)...
  • Page 10: Standard Connections

    E6581436 3. Standard connections TH - Ry external braking resistor (optional) [Note 3] * If no power supply is Dynamic braking unit provided for the control circuit a case to use the PB unit MCCB R/L1 U/T1 Three-phase Motor S/L2 main circuit V/T2 T/L3...
  • Page 11: Installation

    E6581436 4. Installation Show below about how to connect between PB7 unit and VF-AS1/PS1/AS3, and installation environment. ● Applicable inverter VFAS1 VFPS1 VFAS3 -4200KPC, -4220KPC -4250KPC, -4280KPC -4200KPC, -4220KPC PB7-4200K -4280KPC -4315KPC -4280KPC -4355KPC, -4400KPC -4400KPC, -4500KPC PB7-4400K -4500KPC -4630KPC -6200KPC, -6250KPC -6250KPC, -6315KPC PB7-6300K...
  • Page 12 E6581436 4. Mount the PB7-4200K on the left-hand side of the VF-AS1/PS1/AS3. There are 5 fixing points (5xM8). 5. Connect the bus bars (B) between terminals BU- and BU+ on the VF-AS1/PS1/AS3 and terminals BU- and BU+ on the PB7-4200K. 6.
  • Page 13 E6581436 7. Connect the control cables: - Connect control cable X20 on the PB7-4200K to cable X20 on the VF-AS1/PS1/AS3. - Connect control cable X92 on the PB7-4200K to connector X92 on the VF-AS1/PS1/AS3. - Disconnect cable X3 on the VF-AS1/PS1/AS3 from connector X3 on the PCBA of the VF-AS1/PS1/AS3.
  • Page 14 E6581436 ■ How to connect between PB7-4400K, -6300K, -6400K and VF-AS1/PS1 1. Mechanically install the VF-AS1/PS1 and the PB7 unit. 2. Remove the cover of VF-AS1/PS1 in accordance with the safety instructions given in this document. 3. Detach removable part (A) located inside the VF-AS1/PS1. 4.
  • Page 15 E6581436 PB7-6400K 5. Connect the each cables: - Connect the X1 control cable from the PB7 unit to the X1 connector on the VF-AS1/PS1 via the control cable hole. - Connect the fan power supply cable from the PB7 unit to the connector X2 on the VF-AS1/PS1.
  • Page 16 E6581436 PB7-6300K PB7-6400K 14...
  • Page 17: Set Parameters

    E6581436 ■ Installation environment Install the PB unit in a well-ventilated indoor place and mount in portrait orientation. As PB unit uses a built-in cooling fan, at least leave a space of 100mm or more above and below the PB unit. note) Do not install in any location where there is high humidity or high temperatures and where there are large amounts of dust and metallic...
  • Page 18 E6581436 is set to  or more when PB unit is used.  Note1) (Overvoltage limit operation) to .  And set Note2) =3 to 8 is available only for inverter software version 152 or more (VFAS1), 652 or more (VFPS1). Note3) When PB unit is used, ...
  • Page 19: Replacement Of Expendable Parts

    Failure or damage caused by the use of the PB unit for any purpose or application other than the intended one 4. Unless a service contract is signed beforehand between the customer and Toshiba, in which case the service contract has priority over this warranty.

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