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Basic Operations; Menu Operation; Gesture Command Operation - Sony NAV-U NV-U52 Quick Start Manual

Personal navigation system


Table of Contents

Basic Operations

Common procedures to operate the system are
General operations can be performed on the
touch screen. Touch the displayed icons with
your finger gently.
Do not press the display with excessive force, or use
any sharp article, such as a pen, etc., to tap on the

Menu operation

The top menu appears when turning on the unit
by pressing ?/1 (except during route guidance, in
which case the map appears).
To show the top menu from the map display,
touch the map.
To return to the top menu from any menu display,
press VOICE/POS., then touch the map.
During menu operation:
To return to the previous display, touch
To cancel the menu selection, press VOICE/POS.
(the current car position display appears).

Gesture Command operation

In map displays (except in map scrolling mode),
by assigning a screen finger stroke such as line,
etc., frequently-used operations can be
performed easily.
start navigation to
your home
start navigation to the
nearest POI (Point Of
Interest) stored on
Quick Links*
* For details on Quick Links, see page 8.
a circumflex
Quick Link 1
horizontal line
(left to right)
Quick Link 2
vertical line
Quick Link 3
horizontal line
(right to left)


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