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Additional Information

About the "Memory Stick"

What is "Memory Stick"?

"Memory Stick" is a compact-size IC recording
medium with a large capacity. It has been
designed not only for exchanging/sharing digital
data among "Memory Stick" compatible
products, but also for serving as an insertable/
removable external storage medium that can save
Types of "Memory Stick Duo" that
the system can use
With the system, you can use the following types
of "Memory Stick Duo."*
• Memory Stick Duo (Not compatible with
• MagicGate Memory Stick Duo
• Memory Stick PRO Duo
* The system has been demonstrated as operable
with a "Memory Stick Duo" with a capacity of 4 GB or
smaller. However, we do not guarantee the
operations of all the "Memory Stick Duo" media.
• This system supports only the reading of data on a
"Memory Stick Duo." "Memory Stick Duo" formatting
and writing cannot be performed.
• This system does not support parallel high-speed
data transfer.
• Standard-size "Memory Stick" cannot be used in this
• When using a "Memory Stick Duo," make sure to
check correct insertion direction. Wrong usage may
cause trouble with the system.
• Do not place the "Memory Stick Duo" within the
reach of a small child to prevent him from swallowing
it by accident.
• Avoid removing the "Memory Stick Duo" from the
system while the system is reading data.
• Data may be damaged in such occasions:
– "Memory Stick Duo" is removed or the system is
turned off during a read operation.
– "Memory Stick Duo" is used in a location subject to
static electricity or electrical noises.
• We recommend that you save backup of the
important data.
• Do not bend, drop or apply strong shock to the
"Memory Stick Duo."
• Do not disassemble or modify the "Memory Stick
• Do not allow the "Memory Stick Duo" to get wet.
• Do not use or store the "Memory Stick Duo" in a
location that is subject to:
– Extremely high temperature, such as in a car
parked in the sun
– Direct sunlight
– High humidity or places with corrosive substances
Memo area
• Do not touch the "Memory Stick Duo" connector with
your finger or metallic objects.
• You cannot record, edit or delete data if you slide the
write-protect switch to LOCK.
• When you slide the write-protect switch of the
"Memory Stick Duo," use a thin-pointed device.
• When you use a "Memory Stick Duo" without the
write-protect switch, be careful not to edit or delete
the data by accident.
• When you write on the memo area of the attached
label, do not write forcefully.
• When you carry or store the "Memory Stick Duo," put
it in the case supplied with it.


Table of Contents

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