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The airflow that
comes out of
the air outlet is
significantly weaker
than before.
The air quality
does not improve,
even though the
appliance has been
operating for a long
The color of the air
quality light always
stays the same.
The appliance
produces a strange
The appliance is
extra loud.
The appliance still
indicates that I
need to replace a
filter, but I already
Error codes "E1",
"E2", "E3" or "E4"
displays on the
Possible solution
The pre-filter is dirty. Clean the pre-filter (see chapter
One of the filters has not been placed in the appliance.
Make sure that all filters are properly installed in the
following order, starting with the innermost filter:
1) NanoProtect filter Series 3; 2) pre-filter.
The air quality sensor is wet. The humidity level in your
room is high and causes condensation. Make sure that the
air quality sensor is clean and dry (see chapter "Cleaning").
The air quality sensor is dirty. Clean the air quality sensor
(see chapter "Cleaning").
The first few times you use the appliance, it may produce
a plastic smell. This is normal. However, if the appliance
produces a burnt smell, contact your Philips dealer or an
authorized Philips service centre. The appliance may also
produce an unpleasant smell when the filter is dirty. In this
case, clean or replace the filter concerned.
If the appliance is too loud, you can change the fan speed
to a lower fan speed level. When using the appliance in a
bedroom at night, choose the sleep mode.
Perhaps you did not reset the filter lifetime counter. Plug
in the appliance, touch
touch and hold the reset button
The appliance has malfunctions. Contact the Consumer
Care Center in your country.
to switch on the appliance, and
for 3 seconds.



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