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Brother NV-10A Service Manual Page 195

Computerized sewing machine.
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Repair Manual
Primary factors and causes
15 Bobbin winder
Bad BW switch
shaft not turning
BW switch connector
BW switch attachment position
Bad main PCB assy.
Bobbin winding
Bad bobbin presser adjustment
amount unsuitable
Loose bobbin presser
attachment screw
Bobbin winder
Bad bobbin winder guide
winds unevenly
assembly height adjustment
Loose bobbin winder guide
assembly screw
Abnormal sound
Bobbin is coming into contact
when the bobbin
with bobbin presser
winder rotates
Timing pulley scratches
16 Foot controller not
Bad foot controller
Bad pin jack assy. contact point
Bad main PCB assy.
Repair method
Replace BW switch
(2-24) (3-15)
Plug connector in
Adjust BW switch position
Replace main PCB assy.
(2-16) (3-26)
Adjust bobbin presser position
Reassemble bobbin presser
(2-12) (3-33)
Adjust bobbin winder guide
assembly height
Remove front cover, and adjust
position using bobbin winder
holder attachment screw
(2-24) (3-14)
Repair scratches or replace
upper shaft assy.
(2-30) (3-9)
Replace foot controller
Replace pin jack assy.
(2-18) (3-24)
Replace main PCB assy.
(2-16) (3-26)
Items for
Inspection method
and standards
Bobbin winder
Operate the bobbin
winder with Schappe
Spun Sewing Thread
#60, and confirm that
there is no uneven
bobbin winding or
abnormal noises.
Check that the amount
of thread wound onto
the bobbin is 80 – 90%
of the bobbin diameter.
Foot controller
Run the sewing
machine using the foot
controller, and check
that the sewing
machine speed
changes according to
the amount it is
pressed down.
6 - 9


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