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Mitsubishi Electric GOT1000 Series Handbook Page 181

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When the A series Ethernet module is used for the QnACPU, the devices that can be monitored are only devices
with the same name as the devices in the device range of the AnACPU.
Note that the following devices cannot be monitored.
• Devices newly added to the QnACPU
• Latch relays (L) and step relays (S)
(For the QCPU/QnACPU, the latch relay (L) and step relay (S) are different from the internal relay (M). However,
the internal relay is accessed even if the latch relay or the step relay is specified.)
• File register (R)
Available Ethernet board/card for GT SoftGOT1000
3Com Corporation
Precautions on system
The target device of an Ethernet cable differs depending on the Ethernet network system configuration to
be used.
Connect the cable to the system devices, including Ethernet modules, hubs, and transceivers, according
to the Ethernet network system to be used.
Communication via network system
A GOT cannot access a programmable controller on other network via a programmable controller (the
network module, Ethernet module, and others) on the network where the GOT is connected.
When connecting to the QnA(S)CPU type
For the Ethernet module (QnA series) and programmable controller CPU (QnA/QnASCPU types), use the
function version B or later.
When connecting multiple network devices (including a GOT) to the same segment
When multiple network devices (including a GOT) are connected to the same segment, the network load
may increase, and the communication speed may slow down between the GOT and a programmable
controller. The following actions can improve the communication performance.
• Use a switching hub.
• Use the high-speed 100BASE-TX (100Mbps).
• Reduce the GOT monitoring points.
The motion controller (A series) cannot be connected to the remote I/O station.
Applicable range for monitoring
A GOT can monitor a programmable controller on the network where the GOT is connected and on the
other networks. The routing parameter setting is required when monitoring a programmable controller
CPU on the other networks.
When using the QSCPU
The GOT can only read device data and sequence programs by the ladder monitor function in the
The GOT cannot write any data to the QSCPU.
Other precautions
When connecting to motion controller CPU (Q series)
• For Q172CPU or Q173CPU
Use the motion controller CPU with the following production numbers.
Q172CPU with N******* or later, Q173CPU with M******* or later
• For Q172CPU, Q173CPU, Q172CPUN, or Q173CPUN
For using the SV13, SV22, and SV43, use a motion controller with the following OS installed.
For connecting the GOT to the multiple CPU system (Q00CPU, Q01CPU, Q02CPU, Q02HCPU,
Q06HCPU, Q12HCPU, and Q25HCPU), use CPUs with the function version B or later.
When the A series Ethernet module is used for the QnACPU, the QnACPU cannot be monitored with GT
Ethernet board included in personal computer as standard
: 00H or later, SW6RN-SV22Q
: 00H or later, SW6RN-SV43Q
4.1 MITSUBISHI Programmable Controller
4.1.11 Ethernet connection
Ethernet board/card
Ethernet board
: 00B or later


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