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Mitsubishi Electric GOT1000 Series Handbook Page 223

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Precautions on system
When connecting a GOT to the YASKAWA programmable controller, connect a terminating resistor to the
programmable controller as necessary.
The GOT has a built-in terminating resistor.
The target device of an Ethernet cable differs depending on the Ethernet network system configuration to
be used.
Connect the cable to the system devices, including Ethernet modules, hubs, and transceivers, according
to the Ethernet network system to be used.
When connecting GT16 to an equipment that meets the 10BASE (-T/2/5) standard, use the switching hub
and operate in an environment where 10Mbps and 100Mbps can be mixed.
Communication via network system
A GOT cannot access a programmable controller on the other networks via a programmable controller
(the network module, Ethernet module, and others) on the network where the GOT is connected.
When connecting multiple network devices (including a GOT) to the same segment
When multiple network devices (including a GOT) are connected to the same segment, the network load
may increase, and the communication speed may slow down between the GOT and a programmable
controller. The following actions can improve the communication performance.
• Use a switching hub.
• Use the high-speed 100BASE-TX (100Mbps).
• Reduce the GOT monitoring points.
Related Manuals
• For details of system configuration and
connection cable
• For precautions and restrictions
• For outlined procedure and checking of
YASKAWA programmable controller connection
• For controllers that can be monitored by GOT and
accessible range
• For connection method with Handy GOT
For restrictions and precautions on controllers connected to a GOT, refer to the manual for each controller.
Chapter 22 in GOT1000 Series Connection Manual
Chapter 2 in GT Designer2 Version2 Screen Design
Manual (For GOT1000 Series) (SH-080530ENG)
Chapter 22 in Handy GOT User's Manual
4.3 Third Party Programmable Controller
4.3.13 YASKAWA programmable controller


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