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Mitsubishi Electric GOT1000 Series Handbook Page 202

Graphic operation terminal.
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The GOT model to be used differs depending on the connection type.
RS-232 or RS-422 connections
Bus connection
Handy GOT
RS-232 or RS-422 connections
RS-232 or RS-422 connections
RS-232 connection
RS-422 connection
Precautions on system
When connecting a GOT to the MITSUBISHI programmable controller with the following connection type,
the multiple-GT11/GT10 connection function can be used.
• Direct CPU connection
GOT communication timing
Adjust the communication timing as described below so that GOTs communicate with a controller
(MITSUBISHI programmable controller) in number order (starting from the first connected GOT) after the
GOTs are turned on.
When the communication is disabled, retry the communication. A communication error occurs when the
time-out period passes.
(1) When turning on GOTs simultaneously
When it takes a long time to start communication of the second GOT, a communication error may
For the time that the startup screen is displayed, set the longer time for the second GOT than the
first GOT. (Example: First GOT (5 minutes)
A GOT does not communicate with a controller during displaying the startup screen.
For adjusting the time of the startup screen, refer to GT11 User's Manual (JY997D17501C).
(2) When turning on GOTs respectively
When the first GOT is turned on sometime after the second GOT is turned on, the communication
start of the second GOT delays. Therefore, a communication error may occur on the second GOT.
Turn on a controller, the first GOT, and the second GOT, in that order.
Using the function with FA transparent function
When connecting multiple GOTs, the FA transparent function cannot be used with connecting a personal
computer to the RS-232 interface or USB interface of the GOT.
Conditions for making GOTs stop monitoring in the system where multiple GOTs are connected
In the system where multiple GOTs are connected, when the following operations are executed on the first
GOT (close to the programmable controller), the first GOT stops monitoring, and the second GOT also
stops monitoring.
When the first GOT restarts monitoring, the second GOT also restarts monitoring.
(1) When the project data is downloaded/uploaded, or OS is installed with GT Designer2
(2) When a GOT is set up
When power-off of a programmable controller occurs in the system where multiple GOTs are connected
When the power-off of a programmable controller occurs or when the communication between a
programmable controller and the first GOT stops because of the communication cable disconnection and
others, time-out wait occurs for the communication request from the second GOT to the first GOT. As a
result, it takes a long time to restart communications between the programmable controller and the first
4.2 Other MITSUBISHI controllers
4.2.5 Multiple-GT11/GT10 connection
Connection type
GT1030-LBD2/GT1030-LBDW2, GT1020-LBD2/GT1020-LBDW2
GT1030-LBD/GT1030-LBDW, GT1020-LBD/GT1020-LBDW,
(For GT1020-LBL/GT1020-LBLW, MELSEC-FXCPU connection is available only.)
GOT model to be used
BDQ, GT115
Second GOT (10 minutes))


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