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Recording With The Hdsdi Remote Control Function - Sony PDW-HD1500 Operation Manual

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• The maximum number of clips that can be recorded is
300. If the loaded disc already contains 300 clips,
recording with the REC button is not possible. (The
message "MAX # Clips" appears in the time data display
• During recording, do not turn off the POWER switch on
the rear panel or disconnect the power cord. This could
cause the clip being recorded to be lost.
For details, see "Handling of discs when recording does
not end normally (salvage functions)" (page 47).
To adjust the audio recording levels
When carrying out audio recording at a reference
Set the VARIABLE switch to PRESET.
The audio signals will be recorded at a preset reference
You can change the reference level and the input levels
with maintenance menu item M37: AUDIO CONFIG.
See page 106 for more information about how to make
maintenance menu settings.
Manually adjusting the audio recording levels
Set the VARIABLE switch to REC and adjust the CH-1/
ALL CH and CH-2 to CH-4 knobs so that the audio level
indications on the audio level meters do not exceed 0 dB
for a maximum volume. Carry out the adjustment in E-E
See setup menu item 108 AUTO EE SELECT for more
information about the signal output settings in E-E mode
(page 93).
To set shot marks
A Shot Mark1 essence mark or Shot Mark2 essence mark
is set if you hold down the V/MARK1 or v/MARK2
button and press the PUSH SET (S.SEL) knob during
If the unit is set up to display superimposed text
information (see page 38), "SHOTMARK1" or
"SHOTMARK2" appears every time you set an essence
When Shot Mark1 or Shot Mark2 essence marks are set,
you can search for the shot marks by displaying
thumbnails of the frames at those positions (see page 59).
You can also use shot mark positions as edit points during
scene selection operations (see page 63).
You can also set shot marks during playback. See page 49
for the procedure.
Recording with the HDSDI remote
control function
This section explains the settings required for recording in
HDSDI remote control mode, and how the unit operates in
this mode.
The unit (camcorder) that controls this unit must also
support HDSDI remote output.
Set setup menu item 214 REMOTE INTERFACE to
"SDI", and set the remote control switch on the front panel
to "REMOTE".
This unit enters HDSDI remote control mode, in which it
is controlled by command packets received via the HDSDI
INPUT connector.
The following limitations apply in HDSDI remote control
• Commands received via the REMOTE(9P) connector
are ignored.
• Recording and playback operations on the front panel
are disabled, except for the EJECT button.
Monitor display in HDSDI remote control mode
"RM-SDI" appears in the remote interface display area
(see page 21) of the monitor. This display lights if
command packets are multiplexed into HDSDI signals,
and flashes if they are not. However, the "RM-SDI"
continues to flash until the time the controlling camcorder
is powered on and the time that the REC button is pressed
on the camcorder.
Recording operation
When a recordable disc is inserted, recording (or stop) is
executed according to the REC (or STOP) command
multiplexed into the HDSDI signals.
Recording stops automatically when the end of the disc is
When HDSDI signals are interrupted during
Recording stops if HDSDI signals are interrupted during
recording, for example because the HDSDI cable is
disconnected or the controlling camcorder is powered off.
When HDSDI signal input is restored, the unit resumes
operation according to the multiplexed REC or STOP


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