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Computer Link Operation (pr. 117 To Pr. 124, Pr. 342) - Mitsubishi Electric FR-A500 Instruction Manual

Transistorized inverter.
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(2) Set the desired frequencies and voltages in Pr. 100 to Pr. 109.
•The setting must satisfy the following relationship: F1≠F2≠F3≠F4≠F5≠Pr. 3 "base frequency".
If the set frequencies are the same, a write error occurs.
If any frequency setting is "9999", its point is ignored.
Note: 1. The V/F 5-point flexible characteristic functions for V/F control only. It does not function for
advanced magnetic flux vector control.
2. These functions are activated only when "0" is set in Pr. 60.
3. The frequency voltage setting should be equal to or less than the Pr. 3 and Pr. 19 settings.
4. Pr. 19 must be set. (When Pr. 19 = "8888" or "9999", Pr. 71 cannot be set to "2" (5-point flexible
V/F characteristic).)
5. If "2" is set in Pr. 71, Pr. 47 and Pr. 113 do not function.
6. When "2" is set in Pr. 71, the electronic overcurrent protection is calculated for a standard motor.
Pr. 110, Pr. 111,
Pr. 112
Refer to Pr. 0.
Pr. 113
Refer to Pr. 3.
Pr. 114, Pr. 115,
Pr. 116
Refer to Pr. 42.

4.2.41 Computer link operation (Pr. 117 to Pr. 124, Pr. 342)

Pr. 117 "communication station number"
Pr. 118 "communication speed"
Pr. 119 "stop bit length/data length"
Pr. 120 "parity check presence/absence"
Pr. 121 "number of communication retries"
Pr. 122 "communication check time interval"
Pr. 123 "waiting time setting"
Pr. 124 "CR·LF presence/absence selection"
Pr. 342 "E
PROM write selection"
Used to perform required settings for RS-485 communication between the inverter and personal computer.
Using the inverter setup software (FR-SW -SETUP-WE), parameter setting, monitoring, etc. can be done
The motor can be run from the PU connector of the inverter using RS-485 communication.
Communication specifications
Conforming standard
Number of inverters connected
Communication speed
Control protocol
Communication method
Character system
Stop bit length
Parity check
Check system
Waiting time setting
Refer to Pr. 7.
Refer to Pr. 48.
1:N (maximum 32 inverters)
Selected between 19200, 9600 and 4800bps
ASCII (7 bits/8 bits) selectable
Selectable between 1 bit and 2 bits.
CR/LF (presence/absence selectable)
Selected between presence (even/odd) or absence
Selectable between presence or absence


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