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Alarm Code Output Selection (pr. 76) - Mitsubishi Electric FR-A500 Instruction Manual

Transistorized inverter.
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4.2.33 Alarm code output selection (Pr. 76)

Pr. 76 "alarm code output selection"
When an alarm occurs, its code can be output as a 4-bit digital signal from the open collector output
terminals. When programmed operation has been selected, this parameter also serves to output a group
operation signal.
The alarm code can be read by a programmable controller, etc. to show its remedy on a display. Also you
can look at the progress of programmed operation.
Factory Setting
•Alarm code output
Pr. 76 Setting
When an alarm occurs, an alarm code signal is output. (Output signal is the same as in 1.)
When operation is normal, an operation status signal is output. (Output signal is the same as in 0.)
(during programmed
Note: 1. For alarm code definitions, refer to page 202.
2. The Pr. 76 setting overrides the Pr. 190 to Pr. 195 settings. Therefore, if you assign other signals
to output terminals SU, IPF, OL and FU using Pr. 190 to Pr. 195, these terminals provide the
output signals as listed above when any of "1 to 3" is set in Pr. 76. This should be noted when
using the functions which use the output signals to exercise control.
Example: When using the brake sequence functions (Pr. 278 to Pr. 285), assign the brake
opening request signal (BOF) to the RUN terminal by setting "20" in Pr. 190.
Setting Range
0 to 3
Alarm code is not output. (Depends on Pr. 190 to Pr. 195).
Alarm code bit 3
Output at time-out
During group 3 operation
Pr. 79 "operation mode selection"
Pr. 190 to Pr. 195
(output terminal function selection)
Pr. 200 to Pr. 231
Output Terminals
Alarm code bit 2
During group 2 operation
Related parameters
(programmed operation)
Alarm code bit 1
During group 1 operation
Alarm code bit 0


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