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Mitsubishi Electric FR-A500 Instruction Manual Page 166

Transistorized inverter.
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Note: 1. One function can be assigned to two or more terminals. In this case, the terminal inputs are
2. The speed command priorities are higher in order of jog, multi-speed setting (RH, RM, RL) and
3. When the X10 signal (inverter operation enable signal for FR-HC, FR-CV connection) is not set,
the MRS signal shares this function.
4. Use common terminals to assign the programmed operation group selection, multi-speeds (7
speeds) and remote setting. They cannot be set individually.
(Common terminals are used since these functions are designed for speed setting and need not
be set at the same time.)
5. Stop-on-contact control selection, Pr. 270 = "1 or 3", shares RT with multi-speed setting (low
speed), and its allocation cannot be changed.
6. When "7" is set in Pr. 79 and the PU operation external interlock (X12) signal is not assigned, the
MRS signal acts as this function.
7. When advanced magnetic flux vector-V/F switch-over (x18) signal and load pattern selection
forward/reverse rotation boost (X17) signal are not assigned, the RT signal shares this functions.
(in case Pr. 81 "number of motor poles" = "12, 14 or 16"). In this case, V/F control becomes
secondary function control.
8. When a stop position is entered externally for orientation control, the FR-A5AX (12-bit digital
input) is required.
9. Made valid when vector control servo lock is set valid.


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