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Mitsubishi Electric FR-A700 Series Installation Manuallines

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FR-A770-355K, 560K-79
Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter.
Please read through this Installation Guideline enclosed to operate this inverter correctly.
Do not use this product until you have a full knowledge of the equipment, safety information and
Please forward this Installation Guideline to the end user.
If you are going to utilize functions and performance, refer to the FR-A700 Instruction Manual (Applied) [IB-
SPECIFICATIONS ................................................................................... 3
WIRING.................................................................................................... 8
PRECAUTIONS FOR USE OF THE INVERTER................................... 15
PARAMETER LIST................................................................................ 18
FR-A770 DEDICATED SPECIFICATIONS ........................................... 25
TROUBLESHOOTING........................................................................... 35



Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric FR-A700 Series

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    INVERTER FR-A700 INSTALLATION GUIDELINE FR-A770-355K, 560K-79 Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter. Please read through this Installation Guideline enclosed to operate this inverter correctly. Do not use this product until you have a full knowledge of the equipment, safety information and instructions.
  • Page 2 2. Fire Prevention This section is specifically about safety matters CAUTION Do not attempt to install, operate, maintain or inspect the inverter  Inverter must be installed on a nonflammable wall without holes until you have read through this Installation Guideline and (so that nobody touches the inverter heatsink on the rear side, appended documents carefully and can use the equipment etc.).
  • Page 3 CAUTION CAUTION (2) Wiring (5) Emergency stop  Do not install a power factor correction capacitor, surge  A safety backup such as an emergency brake must be suppressor or capacitor type filter on the inverter output side. provided to prevent hazardous condition to the machine and These devices on the inverter output side may be overheated equipment in case of inverter failure.
  • Page 4: Installation Of The Inverter And Instructions

    INSTALLATION OF THE INVERTER AND INSTRUCTIONS 1 INSTALLATION OF THE INVERTER AND INSTRUCTIONS • Inverter Model 355K - 79 FR - A770 Symbol Voltage class Symbol Model number Three-phase Displays 355K, A770 690V class the inverter capacity [kW] 560K Production year and month Rating plate FR-A770-355K-79 Inverter model...
  • Page 5 INSTALLATION OF THE INVERTER AND INSTRUCTIONS General precaution • The bus capacitor discharge time is 10 minutes. Before starting wiring or inspection, switch power OFF, wait for more than 10 minutes, and check for residual voltage between terminal P/+ and N/- with a meter etc., to avoid a hazard of electrical shock.
  • Page 6: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS 2 SPECIFICATIONS 2.1 Inverter rating Model FR-A770-K-79 Pr.570 = " " (Initial value) Applicable motor capacity (kW) Pr.570 = " " Pr.570 = " " (Initial value) Rated current (A) Pr.570 = " " Overload current rating 150% 60s (inverse-time characteristics) Output Rated voltage Three-phase 600 to 690V...
  • Page 7 SPECIFICATIONS 2.2 Common specifications High carrier frequency PWM control (V/F control, Advanced magnetic flux vector control and Real sensorless vector Control method control are available) / vector control Output frequency range 0.2 to 400Hz (The maximum frequency is 120Hz under Real sensorless vector control and vector control 0.015Hz/60Hz (terminal 2, 4: 0 to 10V/12bit) Frequency Analog input...
  • Page 8 SPECIFICATIONS The following operating status can be displayed: Output frequency, motor current (steady or peak value), output voltage, frequency setting, running speed, motor torque, overload, converter output voltage (steady or peak value), electronic thermal relay function load factor, input power, output power, load meter, motor excitation current, position Operation pulse, cumulative energization time, orientation status , actual operation time, motor load factor, cumulative power,...
  • Page 9 SPECIFICATIONS 2.3 Outline dimension drawing FR-A770-355K, 560K-79 • 4- φ 12 hole R/L1 T/L3 S/L2 (Unit:mm)
  • Page 10 SPECIFICATIONS FR-HEL-N355K •   2-terminal (for M12 bolt) 2-φ20 hole Rating plate Earth (ground) terminal (for M8 screw) 4-mounting hole (for M10 screw) (Unit:mm) FR-HEL-N560K • 2-terminal (for M16 bolt) Rating plate 2-M12 eye nut (2-φ30 hole) Earth (ground) terminal (for M12 screw) 4-mounting hole (for M10 screw)
  • Page 11: Wiring

    Terminal connection diagram 3 WIRING 3.1 Terminal connection diagram Source logic Main circuit terminal *1. DC reactor (FR-HEL) Be sure to connect the DC Control circuit terminal reactor supplied. Earth (Ground) MCCB R/L1 Motor Inrush Three-phase AC S/L2 current limit power supply T/L3 circuit...
  • Page 12 WIRING 3.2 Main circuit terminal (1) Main circuit terminal specifications Terminal Terminal Name Description Symbol R/L1, S/L2, AC power input Connect to the commercial power supply. T/L3 U, V, W Inverter output Connect a three-phase squirrel-cage motor. Connected to the AC power supply terminals R/L1 and S/L2. To retain the fault display R1/L11, Power supply for and fault output, remove the jumpers across terminals R/L1 and R1/L11 and across S/...
  • Page 13 WIRING (3) Applicable cable size Select the recommended cable size to ensure that a voltage drop will be 2% max. If the wiring distance is long between the inverter and motor, a main circuit cable voltage drop will cause the motor torque to decrease especially at the output of a low frequency.
  • Page 14 WIRING 3.3 Control circuit terminals 3.3.1 Control circuit specifications indicates that terminal functions can be selected using Pr. 178 to Pr. 196 (I/O terminal function selection). (1) Input signals Terminal Terminal Name Description Rated Specifications Symbol Forward rotation Turn ON the STF signal to start forward When the STF and STR start rotation and turn it OFF to stop.
  • Page 15 WIRING Terminal Terminal Name Description Rated Specifications Symbol 10VDC±0.4V Permissible load current When connecting the frequency setting potentiometer at an initial 10mA Frequency setting status, connect it to terminal 10. power supply Change the input specifications of terminal 2 when connecting it 5.2VDC±0.2V to terminal 10E.
  • Page 16 WIRING Terminal Terminal Description Rated Specifications Symbol Name Load impedance 200 to Select one e.g. output frequency from monitor items. Analog current 450 Not output during inverter reset. Output item: output Output signal 0 to 20mADC The output signal is proportional to the magnitude of Output Output signal 0 to 10VDC the corresponding monitoring item.
  • Page 17 WIRING 3.3.2 Wiring of control circuit (1) Terminal layout Control circuit terminal * Terminal screw size: M3.5 C2 10E 10 Tightening torque: 1.2N·m * Refer to instruction manuals of options for the available control STOP terminals other than the standard control circuit terminal.
  • Page 18: Precautions For Use Of The Inverter

    INVERTER 4 PRECAUTIONS FOR USE OF THE INVERTER The FR-A700 series is a highly reliable product, but using incorrect peripheral circuits or incorrect operation/handling methods may shorten the product life or damage the product. Before starting operation, always recheck the following items.
  • Page 19 PRECAUTIONS FOR USE OF THE INVERTER (12) Provide electrical and mechanical interlocks for MC1 and MC2 which are used for electronic bypass operation. When the wiring is incorrect or if there is an electronic bypass circuit as shown on the right, the inverter will be Interlock damaged by leakage current from the power supply when Power supply...
  • Page 20: Failsafe Of The System Which Uses The Inverter

    FAILSAFE OF THE SYSTEM WHICH USES THE INVERTER 5 FAILSAFE OF THE SYSTEM WHICH USES THE INVERTER When a fault occurs, the inverter trips to output a fault signal. However, a fault output signal may not be output at an inverter fault occurrence when the detection circuit or output circuit fails, etc.
  • Page 21: Parameter List

    PARAMETER LIST 6 PARAMETER LIST 6.1 Parameter list For simple variable-speed operation of the inverter, the initial setting of the parameters may be used as they are. Set the necessary parameters to meet the load and operational specifications. Parameter setting, change and check are available from the operation panel (FR-DU07).
  • Page 22 PARAMETER LIST Setting Initial Setting Initial Parameter Name Parameter Name Range Value Range Value Reference value at 0 to 220%, 0 to 3600/ 9999 9999 Third deceleration time deceleration 9999 360s, 9999 Starting frequency for 0 to 10Hz, 9999 Third torque boost 0 to 30%, 9999 9999 elevator mode...
  • Page 23 PARAMETER LIST Setting Initial Setting Initial Parameter Name Parameter Name Range Value Range Value Acceleration/deceleration 0 to 400Hz, RL terminal function 9999 time switching frequency 9999 selection 0 to 9, 12 to 20, Stall prevention level at 0V RM terminal function 150% 0 to 220% 22 to 28,...
  • Page 24 PARAMETER LIST Setting Initial Setting Initial Parameter Name Parameter Name Range Value Range Value (0 to 5), Rated slip 0 to 50%, 9999 9999 9999 Password lock/unlock 1000 to 9998, Slip compensation time 0.01 to 10s 0.5s 9999 constant Rotation direction detection Constant-power range slip 0, 1, 9999 0, 9999...
  • Page 25 PARAMETER LIST Setting Initial Setting Initial Parameter Name Parameter Name Range Value Range Value Input pulse division scaling First position feed amount 0 to 250 0 to 9999 factor lower 4 digits Frequency for zero input First position feed amount 0 to 400Hz 0 to 9999 pulse...
  • Page 26 PARAMETER LIST Setting Initial Setting Initial Parameter Name Parameter Name Range Value Range Value Torque command value Parameter 2 for user 0 to 65535 1000% 600 to 1400% (RAM,EEPROM) Parameter 3 for user 0 to 65535 Speed limit selection 0, 1, 2 Parameter 4 for user 0 to 65535 Forward rotation speed limit...
  • Page 27 PARAMETER LIST Setting Initial Setting Initial Parameter Name Parameter Name Range Value Range Value Speed deviation time 0 to 100s   CA terminal calibration (900) 100% Excitation ratio 0 to 100%   AM terminal calibration (901) Terminal 4 function 0, 1, 4, 9999 Terminal 2 frequency setting assignment...
  • Page 28: Fr-A770 Dedicated Specifications

    FR-A770 DEDICATED SPECIFICATIONS 7 FR-A770 DEDICATED SPECIFICATIONS The following section describes the details of parameters which are described differently or not described in the FR- A700 Instruction Manual (Applied) (IB-0600226ENG). 7.1 DU/PU monitor display data selection for the terminals CA and AM The full-scale value reference for the monitor output is 1200V.
  • Page 29 FR-A770 DEDICATED SPECIFICATIONS 7.3 Multiple rating (1) By setting "102" in Pr.570 Multiple rating setting, vector control can be performed. Parameter Initial Setting Name Description number value range Vector control cannot be performed. Writing is disabled during operation. Multiple rating setting Vector control can be performed.
  • Page 30 FR-A770 DEDICATED SPECIFICATIONS 7.4 Operation by PLC function (Pr. 414 to Pr. 417, Pr. 498, Pr. 506 to Pr. 515) I/O data read, write, etc. can be performed by accessing the inverter in the predetermined method using special relays, special registers, etc. Operation, parameter read/write, etc.
  • Page 31 FR-A770 DEDICATED SPECIFICATIONS 7.5 Reference of the terminal CA (analog current output) and AM (analog voltage output) (Pr. 55, Pr. 56, Pr. 866, Pr. 867, Pr. 869) Two types of monitor output, analog current output from the terminal CA and analog voltage output from the terminal AM, are available.
  • Page 32 FR-A770 DEDICATED SPECIFICATIONS (3) Torque monitoring reference (Pr. 866) • Set the full scale value when outputting the torque monitor from terminal CA or AM. • For calibration of terminal CA, set the full-scale value of the (10VDC) (20mADC) connected torque meter when the output current of terminal CA is 20mA.
  • Page 33 FR-A770 DEDICATED SPECIFICATIONS 7.6 Terminal CA, AM calibration (Calibration parameter C0 (Pr. 900), C1 (Pr. 901), C8 (Pr. 930) to C11 (Pr. 931)) By using the operation panel or parameter unit, you can calibrate terminal CA and terminal AM to full scale deflection.
  • Page 34 FR-A770 DEDICATED SPECIFICATIONS (2) AM terminal calibration (C1 (Pr. 901))  Terminal AM is factory-set to provide a 10VDC output in the full-scale status of the corresponding monitor item. Calibration parameter C1 (Pr. Inverter 901) allows the output voltage ratios (gains) to be adjusted according to the meter scale.
  • Page 35 FR-A770 DEDICATED SPECIFICATIONS 7.7 List of parameters different from FR-A700 Parameter Function name Item A770-79 A700 DU/PU main display data selection Setting range Without "9" With "9" FM terminal function selection Setting range Without "9" With "9" Retry waiting time Setting range 0 to 600s 0 to 10s 0 to 8, 13 to 18, 20, 23, 24, 30,...
  • Page 36 FR-A770 DEDICATED SPECIFICATIONS 7.8 Control mode-based parameter (function) correspondence table and instruction code list Instruction Control Mode-based Correspondence Table Code Real sensorless Advanced Vector control Name vector control magnetic flux control Speed Torque Position Speed Torque vector control control control control control control...
  • Page 37 FR-A770 DEDICATED SPECIFICATIONS 7.9 Main differences with the A700 series NA, EC, and CHT models FR-A740-75K-CHT or more FR-A770 FR-A740-01440-NA or more FR-A740-02160-EC or more Pr.570 = "2" (Initial value): SLD: 110% 60s, 120% 3s at 40°C 150% 60s at 50°C LD : 120% 60s, 150% 3s at 50°C Overload current rating Pr.570 = "102":...
  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING 8 TROUBLESHOOTING When a fault occurs in the inverter, the inverter trips and the PU display automatically changes to one of the following fault or alarm indications. If the fault does not correspond to any of the following faults or if you have any other problem, please contact your sales representative.
  • Page 39 TROUBLESHOOTING 8.2 List of fault or alarm display Operation Panel Operation Panel Name Name Indication Indication Output side earth (ground) fault E - - - Faults history E.GF overcurrent HOLD Operation panel lock E.LF Output phase loss LOCD Password locked E.OHT External thermal relay operation E.PTC*...
  • Page 40 EMC Directive and the Low Voltage Directive, the manufacturer must declare the conformity and affix the CE marking.  The authorized representative in the EU The authorized representative in the EU is shown below. Name: Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Address: Gothaer Strasse 8, 40880 Ratingen, Germany  Note We declare that this inverter conforms with the EMC Directive in industrial environments and affix the CE marking on the inverter.
  • Page 41 (2) Low Voltage Directive We have self-confirmed our inverters as products compliant to the Low Voltage Directive (Conforming standard EN 61805-1) and affix the CE marking on the inverters. Outline of instructions * Do not use an earth leakage current breaker as an electric shock protector without connecting the equipment to the earth. Connect the equipment to the earth securely.
  • Page 42 REVISIONS *The manual number is given on the bottom left of the back cover. Print Date Revision Manual Number Jul. 2013 IB-0600517ENG-A First edition Sep. 2013 IB-0600517ENG-B Modification • Low Voltage Directive For Maximum Safety • Mitsubishi inverters are not designed or manufactured to be used in equipment or systems in situations that can affect or endanger human life.

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