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Speed Does Not Increase; Speed Varies During Operation; Operation Mode Is Not Changed Properly; Operation Panel (fr-du04) Display Is Not Provided - Mitsubishi Electric FR-A500 Instruction Manual

Transistorized inverter.
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Speed does not increase

Check that the maximum frequency (Pr. 1) setting is correct.
Check that the load is not too heavy. (In agitators, etc., load may become heavy in winter.)
Check that the torque boost (Pr. 0, Pr. 46, Pr. 112) setting is not too large to activate the stall
prevention function.
Check that the brake resistor is not connected to terminals P<+>-P1 or terminals P1-PR accidentally.

Speed varies during operation

During operation under advanced magnetic flux vector control, the output frequency varies with load
fluctuation between 0 and 2Hz. This is a normal operation and is not a fault.
1) Inspection of load
Check that the load is not varying.
2) Inspection of input signal
Check that the frequency setting signal is not varying.
Check that the frequency setting signal is not affected by induced noise.
Check that a malfunction does not occur due to an undesirable current when the transistor output unit
is connected, for example. (Refer to page 21.)
3) Others
Check that the settings of the applied motor capacity (Pr. 80) and the number of applied motor poles
(Pr. 81) are correct for the inverter and motor capacities in advanced magnetic flux vector control.
Check that the wiring length is within 30m (98.42 feet) in advanced magnetic flux vector control.
Check that the wiring length is correct in V/F control.

Operation mode is not changed properly

If the operation mode is not changed properly, check the following:
1) External input signal
2) Parameter setting

Operation panel (FR-DU04) display is not provided

Make sure that the operation panel is connected securely with the inverter.

5.2.10 POWER lamp is not lit

Make sure that the wiring and installation are correct.

5.2.11 Parameter write cannot be performed

Check that operation is not being performed (signal STF or STR is not ON).
Check that the
Check that you are not attempting to make parameter setting outside the setting range.
Check that you are not attempting to make parameter setting in external operation mode.
Check the setting of Pr. 77 "parameter write disable selection".
.............. Check that the STF or STR signal is off.
When it is on, the operation mode cannot be changed.
.............. Check the Pr. 79 setting.
When the setting of Pr. 79 "operation mode selection" is "0" (factory
setting), switching input power on places the inverter in external
operation mode. Press the operation panel's
press the
(FR-PU04)). This changes the external operation mode into the PU
operation mode. For any other setting (1 to 8), the operation mode is
limited according to the setting.
key (
key) is pressed for longer than 1.5 s.
key (press the
key for the parameter unit
key two times and


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