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Mitsubishi Electric FR-A500 Instruction Manual Page 3

Transistorized inverter.
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4. Additional Instructions
Also note the following points to prevent an accidental failure, injury, electric shock, etc.
(1) Transportation and installation
When carrying products, use correct lifting gear to prevent injury.
Do not stack the inverter boxes higher than the number recommended.
Ensure that installation position and material can withstand the weight of the inverter. Install according to the information in the
Instruction Manual.
Do not operate if the inverter is damaged or has parts missing.
Do not hold the inverter by the front cover; it may fall off.
Do not stand or rest heavy objects on the inverter.
Check the inverter mounting orientation is correct.
Prevent screws, wire fragments, conductive bodies, oil or other flammable substances from entering the inverter.
Do not drop the inverter, or subject it to impact.
Use the inverter under the following environmental conditions:
Ambient temperature
Ambient humidity
Storage temperature
Altitude, vibration
*Temperatures applicable for a short time, e.g. in transit.
(2) Wiring
Do not fit capacitive equipment such as a power factor correction capacitor, surge suppressor or radio noise filter (option FR-BIF)
to the inverter output side.
The connection orientation of the output cables (terminals U, V, W) to the motor will affect the direction of rotation of the motor.
(3) Trial run
Check all parameters, and ensure that the machine will not be damaged by a sudden start-up.
(4) Operation
When you have chosen the retry function, stay away from the equipment as it will restart suddenly after an alarm stop.
The [STOP] key is valid only when the appropriate function setting has been made. Prepare an emergency stop switch separately.
Make sure that the start signal is off before resetting the inverter alarm. A failure to do so may restart the motor suddenly.
The load used should be a three-phase induction motor only. Connection of any other electrical equipment to the inverter output
may damage the equipment.
Do not modify the equipment.
Do not perform parts removal which is not instructed in this manual. Doing so may lead to fault or damage of the inverter.
The electronic thermal relay function does not guarantee protection of the motor from overheating.
Do not use a magnetic contactor on the inverter input for frequent starting/stopping of the inverter.
Use a noise filter to reduce the effect of electromagnetic interference. Otherwise nearby electronic equipment may be affected.
Take measures to suppress harmonics. Otherwise power supply harmonics from the inverter may heat/damage the power capacitor
and generator.
When a 400V class motor is inverter-driven, please use an insulation-enhanced motor or measure taken to suppress surge
voltages. Surge voltages attributable to the wiring constants may occur at the motor terminals, deteriorating the insulation of the
When parameter clear or all clear is performed, each parameter returns to the factory setting. Re-set the required parameters
before starting operation.
The inverter can be easily set for high-speed operation. Before changing its setting, examine the performance of the motor and
In addition to the inverter's holding function, install a holding device to ensure safety.
Before running an inverter which had been stored for a long period, always perform inspection and test operation.
-10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F) (non-freezing)
(-10°C to +40°C with totally ecclosed structure specification attachment (FR-A5CV
(14°F to 104°F)
90%RH or less (non-condensing)
-20°C to +65°C* (-4°F to 149°F)
Indoors (free from corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, dust and dirt)
Maximum 1000m (3280.80 feet.) above sea level for standard operation.
After that derate by 3% for every extra 500m(1640.40 feet.) up to 2500m(8202.00 feet.)
5.9 m/s
or less (conforming to JIS C 60068-2-6)


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