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Instructions For Compliance With The European Directives - Mitsubishi Electric FR-A500 Instruction Manual

Transistorized inverter.
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(5) Motor overload protection
When using the electronic thermal relay function as motor overload protection, set the rated motor current in
Pr. 9 "electronic thermal O/L relay".
When connecting two or more motors to the inverter, install external thermal relays for individual motors.
Reference: Motor overload protection characteristics
50% setting
(Note 1, 2)
Inverter output current (%)
(% to rated inverter output current)

Instructions for compliance with the European Directives

(The products conforming to the Low Voltage Directive carry the CE mark.)
(1) EMC Directive
1) Our view of transistorized inverters for the EMC Directive
A transistorized inverter is a component designed for installation in a control box and for use with the
other equipment to control the equipment/device. Therefore, we understand that the EMC Directive
does not apply directly to transistorized inverters. For this reason, we do not place the CE mark on the
transistorized inverters. (The CE mark is placed on inverters in accordance with the Low Voltage
Directive.) The European power drive manufacturers' organization (CEMEP) also holds this point of
2) Compliance
We understand that the transistorized inverters are not covered directly by the EMC Directive.
However, the EMC Directive applies to machines/equipment into which transistorized inverters have
been incorporated, and these machines and equipment must carry the CE marks. Hence, we prepared
the European Standard-compliant noise filters and the technical information "EMC Installation
Guidelines" (information number BCN-A21041-202) so that machines and equipment incorporating
transistorized inverters may conform to the EMC Directive more easily.
3) Outline of installation method
It is recommended to mainly use the following methods to install an inverter:
* Use the inverter with an European Standard-compliant noise filter.
* For wiring between the inverter and motor, use shielded cables or run them in a metal piping and
earth (ground) the cables on the inverter and motor sides with the shortest possible distance.
* Insert a line noise filter and ferrite core into the power and control lines as required.
Full information including the European Standard-compliant noise filter specifications are written in the
technical information "EMC Installation Guidelines" (information number BCN-A21041-202).
Please contact your sales representative.
100% setting
(Note 2)
30Hz or higher
(Note 3)
Electronic overcurrent
protection for transistor
150 180200
Protection activating range
Range on the right of characteristic curve
Normal operating range
Range on the left of characteristic curve
(Note 1) When you set the 50% value (current
value) of the rated inverter output current.
(Note 2) The % value denotes the percentage of
the current value to the rated inverter
output current, not to the rated motor current.
(Note 3) This characteristic curve will be described
even under operation of 6Hz or higher
when you set the electronic overcurrent
protection dedicated to the Mitsubishi
constant-torque motor.


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