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Mitsubishi Electric FR-A500 Instruction Manual Page 104

Transistorized inverter.
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Refer to the above figures and following table, and set the parameters:
0.4K to 1.5K
2.2K to 7.5K
11K or more
0.1 to 5s
0 to 60 s
0 to 20 s
0 to 100%
0 to 200%
0 to 3600s
Note: 1. When restart operation is selected, UVT and IPF among the alarm output signals are not output
at occurrence of an instantaneous power failure.
2. If the inverter capacity is more than one rank higher than the motor capacity when Pr.162 = "0" (with
speed search), an overcurrent (OCT) alarm may take place, disabling the motor from starting.
3. When Pr. 57 ≠ 9999, the inverter will not run if the CS signal remain off.
4. When Pr. 162 = "0", connection of two or more motors to one inverter will make the inverter
function improperly. (The inverter will not start properly.)
5. When Pr. 162 = "0", the DC injection brake is operated instantly on detection of restarting speed.
Therefore, if the moment of inertia (J) of the load is small, the speed may reduce.
6. When Pr. 162 = "1", the output frequency before an instantaneous power failure is stored and
output at the time of restart. If the power of the inverter control circuit is lost, the frequency before
an instantaneous power failure cannot be stored and the inverter will start at 0Hz.
7. The SU and FU signals are not output during restart but are output after the restart cushion time
has elapsed.
8. Changing the Pr. 21 "acceleration/deceleration time increments" setting will not change the Pr.
611 setting increments.
9. The speed also increases according to the Pr. 611 setting after frequency search at the retry time
by the retry function. Refer to page 101 for retry function.
10.Note that when copying parameters to the inverter without this function, copying Pr. 611 = "9999"
greatly increases acceleration time to 6553.5s.
If accidentaly copied, set parameters again in the following procedure.
1) Pr. 77 = "0"
2) Pr. 611 = "6553.5"
3) Pr. 77 = "801"
Provide mechanical interlocks for MC1 and MC2.
The inverter will be damaged if power is entered into the inverter output section.
When automatic restart after instantaneous power failure has been selected, the motor
and machine will start suddenly (after the reset time has elapsed) after occurrence of
an instantaneous power failure. Stay away from the motor and machine.
When you have selected automatic restart after instantaneous power failure, apply the
supplied CAUTION seals in easily visible places.
Frequency search made
Frequency search is made after detection of an instantaneous power failure.
No frequency search
Independently of the motor coasting speed, the output voltage is gradually increased with
the frequency kept as preset.
0.5 s coasting time
1.0 s coasting time
3.0 s coasting time
Waiting time for inverter-triggered restart after power is restored from an instantaneous
power failure. (Set this time between 0.1 s and 5 s according to the moment of inertia (J)
and torque of the load.)
No restart
Normally the motor may be run with the factory settings. These values are adjustable to the
load (moment of inertia, torque).
Set the acceleration time taken to reach the set frequency at a restart.
Acceleration time at a restart is determined by the Pr. 7, Pr. 44 or Pr. 110 setting.
Generally use this setting.


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