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Dc Injection Brake (pr. 10 To Pr. 12) - Mitsubishi Electric FR-A500 Instruction Manual

Transistorized inverter.
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DC injection brake (Pr. 10 to Pr. 12)

Pr. 10 "DC injection brake operation frequency"
Pr. 11 "DC injection brake operation time"
Pr. 12 "DC injection brake voltage"
By setting the DC injection brake voltage (torque) at a stop, operation time and operation starting frequency,
the stopping accuracy of positioning operation, etc. or the timing of operating the DC injection brake to stop
the motor is adjusted according to the load.
0.5 s
7.5K or less
11K or more
• Use Pr. 10 to set the frequency at which the DC injection brake application is started.
By setting "9999" in Pr. 10, the motor is decelerated to the frequency set in Pr. 13 and braked.
• Use Pr. 11 to set the period during when the brake is operated. By setting "8888" in Pr. 11, the DC injection
brake is operated while the X13 signal is on.
• Use any of Pr. 180 to Pr. 186 to assign the terminal used to input the X13 signal.
• Use Pr. 12 to set the percentage of the power supply voltage.
• When using the inverter dedicated motor (constant-torque motor SF-JRCA) and energy saving motor (SF-
HR, SF-HRCA), change the Pr. 12 setting as follows:
SF-JRCA: 3.7K or less ... 4%, 5.5K or more ... 2% (Note 1)
SF-HR, SF-HRCA: 3.7K or less ... 4%, 5.5K, 7.5K ... 3%, 11K or less ... 2%
Note: 1. When the Pr. 12 setting is either of the following values for 5.5K and 7.5K, it is automatically
changed when the Pr. 71 setting is changed:
(1)When Pr. 12 setting is 4% (factory setting)
The Pr. 12 setting is changed to 2% automatically when the Pr. 71 setting is changed from
[general-purpose motor selection value (0, 2 to 8, 20, 23, 24)] to [constant-torque motor
selection value (1, 13 to 18)].
(2)When Pr. 12 setting is 2%
The Pr. 12 setting is changed to 4% (factory setting) automatically when the Pr. 71 setting is
changed from [constant-torque motor selection value (1, 13 to 18)] to [general-purpose motor
selection value (0, 2 to 8, 20, 23, 24)].
2. When Pr. 11 = "0" or Pr. 12 = "0", DC injection brake operation cannot be performed.
For orientation operation, do not set "0" or "8888" in Pr. 11 and "0" in Pr. 12.
The motor may not be stopped in the correct position.
Install a mechanical brake. No holding torque is provided.
Setting Range
9999: Operated
0 to 120Hz, 9999
at or below Pr. 13
8888: Operated
0 to 10 s, 8888
when X13 signal
switches on.
0 to 30%
Related parameters
Pr. 13 "starting frequency"
Pr. 71 "applied motor"
DC injection
brake voltage
Operation voltage
Operation frequency
Operation time


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