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Mitsubishi Electric FR-A500 Instruction Manual Page 236

Transistorized inverter.
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Manual controller
FR-AX (Note 4)
DC tach. follower
FR-AL (Note 4)
Three speed selector
FR-AT (Note 4)
Motorized speed setter
FR-FK (Note 4)
Ratio setter
FR-FH (Note 4)
PG follower (Note 4)
Master controller
(Note 4)
Soft starter (Note 4)
Deviation detector
(Note 4)
Preamplifier (Note 4)
Pilot generator (Note 4)
Deviation sensor
(Note 4)
Frequency setting
WA2W 1k
potentiometer (Note 4)
Frequency meter
YM206NRI 1mA
(Note 4)
Calibration resistor
RV24YN 10k
(Note 4)
Inverter setup software
Note: 1. "H" in the type code indicates 400V class. Power supply specifications of FR series controllers
and setters: 200VAC 50Hz, 200V/220VAC 60Hz, 115VAC 60Hz.
2. Rated power consumption
3. The intercompatibility attachment (FR-A5AT
exception of some models.
4. Options available in Japan only.
5. For the FR-CV (Power Regeneration Common Converter), -AT in the type code indicates a
model for installation inside an enclosure. The model without the -AT type code indicates a model
with a heatsink outside mounting structure. Since the structure for the 37K or more capacities
can be converted into either model by changing the feet positions, -AT is not included in the type
code for the 37K or more capacities.
For independent operation. With frequency meter, frequency
setting potentiometer and start switch.
For joint operation using external signals. (0 to 5VDC, 0 to
10VDC) (1.5VA) (Note 2)
For three-speed (high, middle, low) switching operation. (1.5VA)
For remote operation. Allows operation to be controlled from
several places. (5VA)
For ratio control. Allows ratios to be set to five inverters. (3VA)
For follow-up operation using the signal of a pilot generator (PG).
For parallel operation of several (up to 35) inverters. (5VA)
For soft start and stop. Allows parallel operation and acceleration/
deceleration. (3VA)
For synchronous operation. Used with a deviation sensor and
synchro. (5VA)
Can be used as A/V conversion or operational amplifier. (3VA)
For follow-up operation. 70/35VAC 500Hz (at 2500r/min)
For synchronous operation (mechanical deviation detection).
Output 90VAC/90
For frequency setting. Wire-wound type. 2W1K B characteristic.
Dedicated frequency meter (up to 120Hz scale). Moving-coil DC
For calibration of the frequency meter. Carbon-film type. B
Supports steps from inverter start-up to maintenance. (FR-SW
SETUP-WJ is Japanese version.)
Application, Specifications, etc.
) is required to mount the inverter, with the
Common to
all models
Common to
all models


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