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Installation; Instructions For Installation - Mitsubishi Electric FR-A500 Instruction Manual

Transistorized inverter.
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2.1 Installation


Instructions for installation

1) Handle the unit carefully.
The inverter uses plastic parts. Handle it gently to protect it from damage. Also, hold the unit with even
strength and do not apply too much strength to the front cover alone.
2) Install the inverter in a place where it is immune to vibration. (5.9 m/s
Also note the cart, press, etc.
3) Note on ambient temperature
The life of the inverter is under great influence of ambient temperature. In the place of installation, ambient
temperature must be within the permissible range (-10 ° C to +50 ° C (14 ° F to 122 ° F)). Check that the
ambient temperature is within that range in the positions shown in figure 3).
4) Install the inverter on a non-combustible surface.
The inverter will be very hot (maximum about 150 ° C (302 ° F)). Install it on a non-combustible surface (e.g.
metal). Also leave sufficient clearances around the inverter.
5) Avoid high temperature and high humidity.
Avoid direct sunlight and places of high temperature and high humidity.
6) The amount of heat generated in an enclosure can be reduced considerably by placing the heatsink
outside the enclosure.
Note: 1. Use the option (FR-A5CN
cutting dimensions.
2. The cooling section outside the enclosure has the cooling fan. Do not use the inverter in any
environment where it is exposed to waterdrops, oil mist, dust, etc.
7) Avoid places where the inverter is exposed to oil mist, flammable gases, fluff, dust, dirt etc.
Install the inverter in a clean place or inside a "totally enclosed" panel, which does not accept any
suspended matter.
8) Note the cooling method when the inverter is installed in an enclosure.
When two or more inverters are installed or a ventilation fan is mounted in an enclosure, the inverters and
ventilation fan must be installed in proper positions with extreme care taken to keep the ambient
temperatures of the inverters below the permissible value. If they are installed in improper positions, the
ambient temperatures of the inverters will rise and ventilation effect will be reduced.
9) Install the inverter securely in the vertical direction with screws or bolts.
3) Note on ambient temperature
(1.97 inches)
(1.97 inches)
) for installation. The mounting area should be cut to the panel
4) Clearances around the inverter
(1.97 inches)
*: 1cm (0.39 inches) or more for model 3.7K or less
These clearances are also necessary for changing
the cooling fan.
or less)
10cm (3.94 inches)
or more
10cm (3.94 inches)
or more
Leave sufficient
Cooling air
clearances above
and under the
inverter to ensure
adequate ventilation.
Cooling fan built
in the inverter
( The 2.2K or more for 400V class are
provided with a cooling fan.)


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