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Home Monitoring & Control System

Archive Issues and Solutions

MHM program freezes while viewing video captures in archives.
This usually occurs in Windows Me when the MHM program has stored 40+ pages of
archives with a large number of video captures. Take the following steps to correct this
Attempt to shut down and restart the MHM program.
-If you are able to shut down the MHM program, reboot your PC.
-If you are unable to shut down the MHM program, start the Windows Task Manager
and stop the javaw.exe process and then reboot your PC.
-If you are unable to start the Windows Task Manager, attempt to shut down and
restart Windows.
-If you are not able to restart Windows, turn your computer off and then on.
Before restarting the MHM program, decide if you want to keep any archived images or
video capture.
If you want to keep your existing archived images, then go to the directory where the
program is installed. The default path is C:\Program Files\Motorola Home
Monitor. Then, go to subdirectory \data\archive and copy images and video clips to
a backup location for external viewing. Restart the MHM program.
If you do not want to keep your existing archived images, restart the MHM program.
Go into archives and delete all archived pages.
Sound volume is too low during video capture playback from archive.
The wired and wireless cameras are capable of capturing audio spoken at normal speaking
levels to a distance of up to about 10 feet. Corrective actions include:
-Verify that the PC sound card levels are adjusted correctly.
-Powered speakers usually have level controls; adjust the volume as required.
-Play a .wav or .mp3 file to verify that the PC audio levels are set properly.
-Verify that the subject is within 10 feet of the camera and is talking at a normal speaking
-Verify that the microphone opening located on the bottom of the camera head is not
blocked with paint or tape.
-Verify that the audio playback level is set properly in the MHM video player.
-Open the video capture in archives
-In the lower right-hand corner of the video player there is a speaker icon.
Right-click the speaker icon to display a volume control. Click and drag the slider to
adjust the playback volume. Left-click mutes audio playback.
Issues and Solutions
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