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Motorola EASY START KIT HMEZ1000 - RELEASE NOTES Release Notes

Home monitoring & control system
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Release Notes
Motorola Home Monitoring & Control System
This document provides a new software enhancement available to
download. For the latest information, go to the following website:
Be sure to register your product with Motorola so we can notify
you of available updates and product enhancements.
Connecting the USB Gateway
The USB Gateway should be plugged directly into a USB port on your
PC. The Home Monitoring & Control System is not optimized for use
with USB 2.0 hubs and laptop docking stations. In some instances,
connecting the USB Gateway into a USB 2.0 hub or laptop docking
station causes the software to periodically lose communication with
the USB Gateway.
Update Applicability
A required software update applies to you if your Motorola Home
Monitor & Control (HM&C) System was purchased after
September 1, 2004.
A publication of the Technical Support Team
101 Tournament Drive
Horsham, PA 19044
Update Description
A new remote notification feature now resolves how different cellular
telephone service providers send activity notifications by e-mail from
your HM&C System. For cellular providers that do not notify you when
a new e-mail arrives, the HM&C System now sends both a text message
and an e-mail containing a still-image capture to your cellular telephone.
You are immediately notified when a text message is received on your
cell phone. Upon receipt of the text message, simply check your e-mail
to view the still image. This new feature can also be used to send
notifications to multiple e-mail addresses.
Downloading the Software Update
Please follow the instructions below to update your software remotely:
From your Task Bar menu click:
Motorola Home
Follow the directions to download the latest software for your
operating system. You must have an active Internet connection to
access this service.
Obtaining Help
If you need assistance with installation, system set-up, or you simply
want to find out how to take full advantage of the features offered by
the Motorola HM&C software application, please consult the Home
Monitoring & Control System User Guide. If you need further assistance,
please contact us at:
• North America: 1-877-466-8646
• Online:
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