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Sensors - Motorola HMUG1080 User Manual

Home monitoring & control system usb gateway
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Home Monitoring & Control System
In most cases once the camera position is optimized for 2.4 GHz (video signal) the
control channel (418 MHz UHF) will perform well. The 2.4 GHz frequency is also
absorbed by water mass. In most cases this means people moving between the camera
and the gateway. The effect is minor but this should be borne in mind when selecting a
site. The high mounting position minimizes this effect.
Most microwave ovens emit a large amount of noise at 2.4 GHz band. During the
operation of these ovens noise will be seen on the picture. Keep the camera and the
receiver as far away as possible from microwave ovens.
Ensure the antenna on the wireless camera is set to a vertical position.


Ensure these are not mounted on large metallic surfaces. However, if a door sensor is
mounted on a narrow aluminum doorframe, the signal will be affected but still useable.
Ensure they are installed at least 6 feet above ground.
Ensure they are mounted on a vertical surface for best results.
Best Practices
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Table of Contents

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