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Wi-Fi Avoidance

Your MHM system uses the same wireless channels that Wi-Fi networks use. Wi-Fi (also
known as 802.11) separates the 2.4 GHz wireless spectrum into different channels. Your
USB Gateway has the built-in ability to work around these channels so that your MHM
system does not interfere with your Wi-Fi wireless network and vice versa.
The channel you select here will not be used by the MHM system for wireless
From the main window, click
In the Wi-Fi Information area, select the channel that your Wi-Fi network uses.
For example, the default channel for Motorola's WR850G Wireless Router is
Channel 11. You would then select Channel 11 from the menu so that the
MHM program uses other channels for its wireless communications.
If you do not know the channel your wireless network uses, log into your wireless device
and determine the channel, or check with the maker of your wireless device. Until you
determine the channel, select Don't Know.
Wi-Fi Avoidance
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