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Troubleshooting; Solutions; Troubleshooting Solutions - Motorola SURFboard SVG1501E User Manual

Wireless voice gateway series


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If the solutions listed here do not solve your problem, contact your service provider.
Before calling your service provider, try pressing RESET on the SVG1501 rear panel.
Note: Pressing RESET restores the default settings. You will lose your
custom configuration settings, including Parental Control, Firewall and
Advanced settings.
Resetting the SVG1501 may take 5- to 30 minutes. Your service provider may ask for the
front panel LED status, see


Power light is off
Cannot send or
receive data
12 • Troubleshooting


Front-Panel LEDs and Error
Table 1 – Troubleshooting Solutions
Possible Solution
Check that the SVG1501 is properly plugged into the electrical outlet.
Check that the electrical outlet is working.
Press the RESET button.
Note the status of the LEDs on the front panel, and refer to
LEDs and Error Conditions
check that the TV is working and the picture is clear. If you cannot
receive regular TV channels, the data service will not function.
Check the coaxial cable at the SVG1501 and wall outlet. Hand-tighten, if
Check the IP address. Follow the steps for verifying the IP address for
your system described in
provider if you need an IP address.
Check that the Ethernet cable is properly connected to the SVG1501
and the computer.
Verify connectivity of any device connected via the Ethernet port, by
checking the LINK LEDs on the rear panel.
to identify the error. If you have cable TV,
Setting Up Internet
Access. Call your service

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Table of Contents

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