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E-Mail (Smtp) Setup; Determine Your E-Mail (Smtp) Server Name - Motorola HMUG1080 User Manual

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This window is asking if your environment uses wireless networking, like a wireless
router sharing your Internet connection.
If so, click Yes. Select the channel used by your wireless network.
If not using a wireless network, click No.
Click Finish to begin using your Motorola Home Monitor & Control System.

E-mail (SMTP) Setup

The MHM program enables you to receive e-mail notifications when a configured event
occurs. A configured event is an action recorded by a device that triggers a preset routine.
To enable this feature, follow the sequence of the three sections below:
Determine your E-Mail (SMTP) Server
Mail Transport Protocol) information from your ISP. The
provides an inventory of common ISPs and their SMTP information.
Configure the MHM Program with your SMTP
you have gathered, use this information to configure the MHM program.
Configure a
Profile. The final step is to set up a profile which you will choose when
configuring an event in

Determine your E-Mail (SMTP) Server Name

This section enables you to learn your Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server information if you are
using Outlook Express 6.0. If using a different version of Outlook Express, the steps may
vary. You can also contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider), as they will have this
Launch Outlook Express.
Select Accounts... from the Tools menu. The Internet Accounts window is displayed.
Click the Mail tab.
Click your Mail Sever Account, for example,, from the list and
click Properties. The Properties window is displayed.
Click the Servers tab.
Write down your Outgoing mail server (SMTP), for example
This server name must be entered into the Motorola Home Monitor software by clicking
on the Event Setup button in the Motorola Home Monitor program.
Click Cancel and then Close.
Home Monitoring & Control System
Name. You need to determine the SMTP (Simple
Outgoing E-mail SMTP Server
Information. Using the SMTP information
MHM User Guide


Table of Contents

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