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Home monitoring & control system usb gateway
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Home Monitoring & Control System
Wireless camera is displayed on the device list with a RED icon with a status of
No communications with device.
The wireless camera was discovered and functioned properly, but is reporting a status of
No communication with device. Take the following steps to correct this condition:
Disarm the system.
Select the wireless camera from the drop down menu.
Verify that there is no image from the camera. If you see an image from the camera,
restart the MHM program.
Verify that the Wireless Camera LED is on.
If the LED is on:
-Move the camera closer to the USB Gateway so that both are within a direct line of
sight and neither is close to any metal objects like a PC tower or electrical
-If batteries are used, try the AC adapter since the batteries may be discharged.
-Try restarting the MHM program.
-Go to Discovery, delete the camera, and re-discover it.
If the LED is not on:
-If batteries are used:
Verify that the switch is in the on position.
Try the AC adapter since the batteries may be discharged.
-If the AC adapter extension cable is used, remove the extension cable and use the
AC adapter directly.
-If the AC adapter is used without the extension:
Verify the connection into the camera.
Verify the connection into the AC outlet.
Plug a lamp into the AC outlet to verify that AC outlet works.
Issues and Solutions
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