Motorola SURFboard SVG6582 User Manual
Motorola SURFboard SVG6582 User Manual

Motorola SURFboard SVG6582 User Manual

Svg6x82 series wireless voice gateway
Table of Contents


User Guide
Motorola SURFboard
SVG6x82 Series Wireless Voice Gateway*


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Motorola SURFboard SVG6582

  • Page 1 User Guide Motorola SURFboard ® SVG6x82 Series Wireless Voice Gateway* *SVG6582 SVG6682...
  • Page 2 Motorola, LLC. Motorola reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes in content from time to time without obligation on the part of Motorola to provide notification of such revision or change.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Safety and Regulatory Information Safety and Regulatory Information IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Read This Before You Begin — When using your equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons, including the following: •...
  • Page 4: Fcc Statements

    Note: Your service provider, not Motorola, is responsible for the provision of VoIP telephony services through this equipment. Motorola shall not be liable for, and expressly disclaims, any direct or indirect liabilities, damages, losses, claims, demands, actions, causes of action, risks, or harms arising from or related to the services provided through this equipment.
  • Page 5: Fcc Radiation Exposure Statement

    (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. FCC CAUTION: Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by Motorola for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 6: Caring For The Environment By Recycling

    SVG6x82 User Guide for instructions or visit the Motorola website. CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT BY RECYCLING When you see this symbol on a Motorola product, do not dispose of the product with residential or commercial waste. Recycling your Motorola Equipment Please do not dispose of this product with your residential or commercial waste.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Safety and Regulatory Information .........................i Tables Figures Getting Started .................................1 Introduction .................................1 In the Box ...................................1 System Requirements ..............................1 Contact Information ..............................2 Product Overview ..............................3 Front Panel ..................................3 Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) ..........................4 Rear Panel ...................................5 Gateway Label ................................5 Installing the Gateway .............................7 Connecting to Your Computer ............................7...
  • Page 8 Contents Solutions .................................. 25 Front Panel LED Icons and Error Conditions ......................26 Warranty Information............................27 Tables Table 1 – SVG6x82 Package Contents ........................1 Table 2 – SVG6x82 Front Panel LED Icons .........................3 Table 3 – SVG6x82 Rear Panel Ports & Connectors ....................5 Table 4 –...
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    In the Box Before installing your new wireless gateway, check that the following items are also included in the box. If any items are missing, please contact Motorola Broadband Technical Support at: 1-877-466-8646. Table 1 – SVG6x82 Package Contents ITEM...
  • Page 10: Contact Information

    Getting Started Contact Information For technical support and additional Motorola product information, please visit the Motorola Support website at Or call the following telephone number: • Motorola Broadband Technical Support: 1-877-466-8646 (USA) When you call, you will need the following information from the gateway product label located on the bottom of the gateway: •...
  • Page 11: Product Overview

    Product Overview Product Overview Front Panel Figure 1 – SVG6x82 Front View Table 2 – SVG6x82 Front Panel LED Icons BUTTON/LED FLASHING ICON WPS button Not applicable — no LED on button Not applicable — no LED on button Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) more information Not applicable —...
  • Page 12: Wi-Fi Protected Setup (Wps)

    Product Overview BUTTON/LED FLASHING ICON Scanning for an Internet connection Green : Gateway is connected to the network Not applicable — LED does not Green : 2.4 GHz wireless connection is flash. made between the SVG6x82 and another Wi-Fi enabled device on your network — printer, tablet, laptop, etc.
  • Page 13: Rear Panel

    Product Overview Rear Panel Figure 2 – SVG6x82 Rear View Table 3 – SVG6x82 Rear Panel Ports & Connectors PORT NAME DESCRIPTION TEL 1 • VoIP connection for a single or two-line telephone TEL 2 • VoIP connection for a single-line telephone Four one-gigabit Ethernet ports for RJ-45 cable connections RESET If you experience a problem, you can push this recessed button to...
  • Page 14: Figure 3 - Sample Svg6X82 Gateway Label

    Product Overview To receive Internet access, you may have to provide the following information listed on the gateway label: • Gateway model number (SVG6582 or SVG6682) • MAC address (HFC MAC ID) • Gateway serial number (S/N) • Wi-Fi Security Key Figure 3 –...
  • Page 15: Installing The Gateway

    Installing the Gateway Installing the Gateway • This product is for indoor use only. Do not route the Ethernet cable outside of the building. Exposure of the cables to lightning could create a safety hazard and damage the product. • Contact your cable service provider before connecting your gateway to existing telephone wiring.
  • Page 16: Testing The Gateway Connections

    4. Once your gateway is provisioned, open a web browser on your computer, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari. 5. Type a valid URL (for example, in the address bar and then click or press Enter...
  • Page 17 Installing the Gateway The general steps provided below can be used for the following Microsoft Windows platforms: • Windows 7 • Windows Vista • Windows XP For specific commands, refer to the documentation for the Windows operating system running on your computer for specific commands.
  • Page 18: Setting Up A Wireless Network Connection

    4. Click Set up a new connection anyway and then click Wireless. 5. Scroll down and click the MOTOROLA wireless network name (see the SSID number listed on the SVG6x82 gateway label). 6. Enter Network security key code in the Security key field (see Wi-Fi Security code listed on the SVG6x82 gateway label) and then click OK to complete the wireless network connection.
  • Page 19: Testing Your Wireless Network Connection

    1. If connected, disconnect the Ethernet cable from your computer and the SVG6x82. 2. Open a web browser on your computer. 3. Type a valid URL (for example, in the address bar, and then click or press Enter If the web page did not open, please contact your service provider for assistance.
  • Page 20: Accessing The Gateway

    Enter. The gateway Login window displays. 3. Type the default username and password. Both entries are case-sensitive. Username: admin Password: motorola Figure 5 – SVG6x82 Login Window 4. Click Login to open the SVG6x82 Web Manager. The SVG6x82 Status Connection page displays.
  • Page 21: Figure 6 - Svg6X82 Status Connection Page

    Accessing the Gateway Figure 6 – SVG6x82 Status Connection Page Note: If you cannot access the HTML pages in the Gateway Configuration Manager, please contact your service provider for assistance. The Status Connection page provides the following information relating to the SVG6x82 network connection: •...
  • Page 22: Gateway Web Manager Menu Options

    Accessing the Gateway Gateway Web Manager Menu Options The SVG6x82 main menu options are displayed along the top of the SVG6x82 Web Manager page and the related submenu options are displayed along the left side of each menu page: Figure 7 – SVG6x82 Main Menu Bar Table 4 –...
  • Page 23: Protecting Your Wireless Network

    3. Type the default username and password as they appear below. Username: admin Password: motorola 4. Click Login to open the SVG6x82 Web Manager. The SVG6x82 Status Connection page displays. 5. Click Security from the Status submenu options on the left side of the page. The Status Security page displays.
  • Page 24: Figure 8 - Status Security Page-Change User Name

    7. Complete each field entry, but note the following: ο All fields (for example, Current Username & Password) are case-sensitive ο Note: For first-time logons, the Current Username is admin, Current Password is motorola ο Username is your current user name ο...
  • Page 25: Setting Up The Firewall

    Protecting Your Wireless Network ο Make sure No is selected for Restore Factory Defaults. ο Find a secure place to write down and keep your new password 11. Click Apply to update the password. Setting Up the Firewall You can use the Firewall pages to configure the SVG6x82 firewall filters and firewall alert notifications on your wireless network.
  • Page 26: Basic Firewall

    Protecting Your Wireless Network Basic Firewall The Web Content Filter page has various settings related to blocking or exclusively allowing different types of data through the CMRG from the WAN to the LAN. There are three security firewall protection levels (low, medium, and high) which correspond to the number of services allowed. Firewall Protection turns ON the Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall features.
  • Page 27: Firewall Local Log

    Protecting Your Wireless Network Figure 12 – Firewall Web Filtering Page Firewall Local Log You can set up email to enable automatic email alerts. The Local Event Log can send out firewall attack reports in two ways: • Individual emails are sent out automatically each time the firewall is under attack •...
  • Page 28: Firewall Remote Log

    Protecting Your Wireless Network Firewall Remote Log This Firewall configuration sends firewall attack reports to a standard SysLog server so that multiple instances can be logged over a period of time. You can select individual attack or configuration items to send to the SysLog server so that only the items of interest will be monitored.
  • Page 29: Setting Up The Dmz Host

    Protecting Your Wireless Network Setting Up the DMZ Host The DMZ (De-militarized Zone) is a computer or small sub-network located outside the firewall, between the trusted internal private LAN and the untrusted public Internet that prevents direct access by outside users to private data.
  • Page 30: Monitoring Your Network

    Monitoring Your Network Monitoring Your Network Use the SVG6x82 Status pages to obtain information about the gateway hardware and software, MAC address, gateway IP address, serial number; and to monitor the gateway system connection. Viewing the Gateway Software Information The Software status page displays information about the hardware version, software version, MAC address, cable modem IP address, serial number, system "up"...
  • Page 31: Viewing The Gateway Status

    Monitoring Your Network Viewing the Gateway Status The Status Connection page displays information about the RF upstream and downstream channels, including downstream channel frequency, upstream channel ID, and upstream and downstream signal power and modulation. This page also displays IP lease information, including the current IP address of the cable modem, the duration of both leases, the expiration time of both leases, and the current system time from the DOCSIS timeserver.
  • Page 32: Backing Up Your Gateway Configuration

    Monitoring Your Network Backing up Your Gateway Configuration You can save a back up copy of the current gateway configuration settings to your local computer. You can use the backup file to restore your custom configuration settings in the event that you made changes that you no longer want.
  • Page 33: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If the solutions listed in this section do not solve your problem, contact your service provider for assistance. You may have to reset the SVG6x82 gateway configuration to its original factory settings if the gateway is not functioning properly. Your service provider may ask for the status of the LEDs as described in Front Panel LED Icons and Error...
  • Page 34: Front Panel Led Icons And Error Conditions

    Troubleshooting Front Panel LED Icons and Error Conditions The SVG6x82 front panel LED icons provide status information for the following error conditions: Table 6 – Front Panel LED Icons and Error Conditions LED ICON STATUS IF, DURING STARTUP: IF, DURING NORMAL OPERATION Modem is not properly plugged into Modem is unplugged...
  • Page 35: Warranty Information

    Product for its installation and use. While every reasonable effort has been made to insure that you will receive a Product that you can use and enjoy, Motorola does not warrant that the functions of the Product will meet your requirements or that the operation of the Product will be uninterrupted or error-free.
  • Page 36 International Sale of Goods. Cable Operator or Service Provider Arrangements. If you did not purchase this Product directly from Motorola or from a Motorola authorized retail reseller, please contact your Service Provider for technical support. SVG6x82 Series Wireless Voice Gateway • User Guide...
  • Page 37 Motorola Mobility, LLC 101 Tournament Drive Horsham, PA 19044 U.S.A. 590934-001-a 05/2013...

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