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Hardware Issues And Solutions - Motorola HMUG1080 User Manual

Home monitoring & control system usb gateway
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Issues and Solutions
Home Monitoring & Control System

Hardware Issues and Solutions

When using MHM program, my wireless network stops functioning.
The Motorola Home Monitoring and Control wireless cameras use the same frequency
band (2.4 GHz) as Wireless Access Points (WAPs) use to communicate on a wireless
network. The MHM program allows you to configure the MHM system to avoid the channel
that your WAP is using.
-There are 11 channels available to the WAP for use. Please check your WAP configuration
to retrieve yours.
-After you have retrieved your WAP channel number, go to MHM program Discovery page
and set the Wi-Fi Avoidance to the same channel number
Cordless phone is noisy when the MHM program is running.
The Motorola Home Monitoring and Control wireless cameras use the same frequency (2.4
GHz) that most cordless phones use. If the channel used for video transmission from the
MHH camera is the same as the phone, the cordless phone encounters excessive of noise.
To resolve noise issues:
-Change the channel that the phone uses
-Change the Wi-Fi avoidance to a different channel in MHM until the noise is gone.
A/V output has no audio or video.
The A/V output doesn't have any audio or video content as seen on an output device.
-Verify that the RCA plugs connected to the output device (TV, monitor, VCR, etc...) are
connected to the video and audio input jacks.
-Reverse the two RCA plugs.
-Verify that an image can be seen in the live camera view window on the control panel
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