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Best Practices For Wireless Performance; General Rf Consideration; Usb Gateway; Wireless Camera - Motorola HMUG1080 User Manual

Home monitoring & control system usb gateway
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Best Practices

Best Practices for Wireless Performance

Review the following suggestions for improving your wireless performance for your wireless

General RF consideration

The Motorola Home Monitoring & Control system uses two RF channels for communication
and control of devices. One is the 2.4 GHz band for transmission of video and the other is
418 MHz band for the control channel.
2.4 GHz applies to both wireless cameras and the gateway. This super high frequency is
more prone to deterioration of the wireless signal as it passes through walls than the
418 MHz control frequency. In general, install all equipment away from cooling ducts,
electrical distribution panels, and other large metal appliances.
In order to increase the system performance the following guidelines are recommended.

USB Gateway

Ensure that both the camera and the gateway are positioned as far away from wireless
LAN equipment as practical. They should not be placed adjacent to such equipment.
Ensure the gateway is placed in a high position. In most cases, normal desk height is
good enough, however in marginal situations you may raise the position of the gateway
for better results.
Ensure the gateway is not masked by your computer, printer, or other metallic objects
such as filing cabinets.

Wireless Camera

Ensure a high mounting position at least 7 feet. This helps the wireless performance,
better motion detector range, and performance. It also ensures better back lighting of
the subject and minimizes the risk of damage by avoiding pointing the camera at the
Ensure the area is well lit. Avoid very high contrast lighting situations. For example,
when half the picture is sunlit concrete or other light surface and the other half is in
Ensure that the camera is not installed on a metallic surface and that it is not near large
metallic objects such as a refrigerator or HVAC ducts.
Ensure the camera is positioned so that anticipated direction of movement is partially
across the face of the camera and not directly towards it. This improves motion detector
Try and minimize the number of walls between the camera and gateway. Some walls
are made of sheet rock with aluminum backing. These walls greatly absorb the signal,
shortening the physical operation range.
Home Monitoring & Control System
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