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Audio/Video Output - Motorola HMUG1080 User Manual

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Audio/Video Output

Audio/Video Output
Your USB Gateway has the capability to output video and audio to your television or VCR.
Whatever camera is selected on the control panel will also be displayed on the TV. Audio
can also be heard from the Camera microphones. If more than one camera is used and
they are armed, the TV image will switch from the default camera to any camera that has its
motion sensor triggered.
To set up:
Obtain an A/V (audio/video) cable that incorporates a mini-stereo plug on one end and two
RCA phono plugs on the other end, available at electronic retailers.
The MHM program needs to be active on your computer and the cameras need to be
discovered and running.
Plug the mini stereo plug into the A/V jack on the back of the USB Gateway.
With the other end of the cable, plug one RCA plug into a video input jack on your TV or
VCR, the other RCA plug into an audio input jack on your TV or VCR. If no video is
seen or the audio is humming, reverse the two plugs.
On your TV or VCR, switch the incoming signal to the Video Input setting. Refer to your
manufacturer's user manual for further information. You should now see whatever the
camera is seeing. Select another camera with your USB Gateway.
Note: By default, when the MHM program is inactive and a camera is connected to wired port 1 (CAM1) on the
USB Gateway, the monitored image will still be seen on the TV or VCR.
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