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Water Sensor Control; Arming/Disarming - Motorola HMUG1080 User Manual

Home monitoring & control system usb gateway
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Home Monitoring & Control System

Water Sensor Control

From the Control Panel window in the Edit column, click
selected device. The Water Sensor window is displayed:
Sensor Name
Power Mode
Adjust the settings desired and click Set. The settings you selected will be uploaded to
the device.
Click Default to reset to factory programmed settings or Cancel to ignore any changes.


Devices are triggered awake by certain events when armed. For example, if configured, an
occurrence of water where none should be triggers the sensor to record the event.
To arm all sensors and cameras, click
"System Armed."
To Arm after a selected period (giving you time to
leave the house, for example), select a time from
the Schedule drop-down menu and then click Arm.
To disarm all sensors and cameras, click
"System Not Armed."
Rename the sensor.
Select Normal or Save to
change the power setting.
Selecting Save changes the
sensor to standby mode to
extend battery life, but if the
presence or absence of water
changes, it sends an alert if
configured in
Working with the MHM Program
to adjust the settings of the
. The Status line updates to state:
. The Status line updates to state:
MHM User Guide



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