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Issues and Solutions

Remote Notification Issues and Solutions

Failed e-mail notification messages in Event Log.
Failed notification messages can occur for a variety of reasons, including incorrect SMTP
information, incorrect username and password, or network connectivity issues.
-Verify that your SMTP information is correct. Depending on the OS and the email program
used, the way to access to SMTP information varies. The easiest way to verify it is to
contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). A typical example of an outgoing e-mail server
address is You will also need your username and password for your
-If the SMTP information is entered correctly, but the failed notification messages continue
to appear in the Event Log, you need to verify that your Internet connection is working
Undeliverable e-mail notifications in your e-mail inbox.
If you are receiving undeliverable e-mail notifications in your e-mail inbox, then your ISP
was unable to deliver the e-mail notification to the specified address. This can occur
because the target address was entered incorrectly in the profile, Internet issues, or if the
ISP of the target address is having technical difficulties.
Attachments to emails don't arrive on cell phones if the email is sent to the phone
On cell phones using mMode(AT&T) for email service, you have the option of sending the
email to either your
or to your telephone
number If you send a remote notification to your phone
number, you receive the email as a text message and the phone makes an audible
indication that a message arrived, but any attachments to the email are removed by
mMode. If you send the remote notification message to you username, the phone doesn't
provide an audible indication that a message arrived, but the attachments are included with
the email.
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