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Discovery Issues And Solutions - Motorola HMUG1080 User Manual

Home monitoring & control system usb gateway
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Home Monitoring & Control System

Discovery Issues and Solutions

Wired camera cannot be discovered.
Verify that the wired camera is properly connected to one of the CAM ports on the back
the USB Gateway.
If you are using the 60-foot wired camera extension cable, connect the wired camera
directly to the USB Gateway and retry Discovery.
Wireless camera can not be discovered; registration is not attempted.
Discovery is in progress and the Discovery button is pressed on a wireless camera, but the
registration in progress message is not seen above the Discovery device list.
Verify that the Wireless Camera has power; the LED on the camera should be on.
If the LED is not on:
-Verify the AC adapter connection to the Camera at both ends.
-If the ten-foot AC adapter extension cable is used, remove it and connect the AC
adapter directly to the Wireless Camera.
-Verify that the AC outlet is functional by connecting a lamp or other device to the
same AC outlet.
If the LED is not on:
-Reposition the Wireless Camera to within five feet of the USB Gateway with a
direct line of sight from camera antenna to USB Gateway antenna. The antenna of
each device should be positioned vertically. Make sure that neither is close to any
metal object like a PC tower or electrical appliance.
-If the Wireless Camera still fails to attempt registration, perform a reset using the
following steps.
Unplug the power from the wireless camera.
Depress the Discovery button on the wireless camera.
Reconnect the wireless camera power while the Discovery button is still
Release the Discovery button.
Re-attempt Discovery.
Issues and Solutions
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Table of Contents

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