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Daikin VRV III-S RXYMQ36 48PVJU Service Manual Page 98

60 hz.
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3.2.6 Setting of Vacuuming Mode
In order to perform vacuuming operation at site, fully open the expansion valves of indoor and outdoor units and
turn on some solenoid valves.
[Operating procedure]
 In "Setting Mode 2" with units in stop mode, set "B Refrigerant Recovery / Vacuuming mode" to ON. The
respective expansion valve of indoor and outdoor units are fully opened. "TEST OPERATION" and "UNDER
CENTRALIZED CONTROL" are displayed on the remote controller, and the indoor / outdoor unit operation is
After setting, do not cancel "Setting Mode 2" until completion of Vacuuming operation.
 Use the vacuum pump to perform vacuuming operation.
 Press Mode button "BS1" once and reset "Setting Mode 2".
3.2.7 Check Operation
To prevent any trouble in the period of installation at site, the system is provided with a test operation mode
enabling check for incorrect wiring, stop valve left in closed, coming out (or misplacing with suction pipe
thermistor) or discharge pipe thermistor and judgement of piping length, refrigerant overcharging, and learning for
the minimum opening degree of electronic expansion valve.
Unit stopping
Step 1
Pressure equalizing
Step 2
Cooling start control
Step 3
Stability waiting operation
Judgement function
Step 7
Refrigerant overcharge judgement
Step 8
Pump down residual operation
Step 9
Standby for restarting
Test Operation
Press the TEST button for 5 seconds.
10 seconds to 10 minutes
20 seconds to 2 minutes
10 minutes
• Stop valve close check
• Wrong wiring check
• Piping length check
3 minutes
15 minutes
5 seconds
2 minutes
k :
LED display (H1P~H7P) (
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h l h h h h k
h l h h h k h
h l h h h k k
h l h h k h h
h l h h k h k
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h l h k h k h
Field Setting
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